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Jan 8, 2008 04:37 AM

Frenchtown Inn

so, any comments? Zagat gives a good rating but don't agree w/ many of their's, IMHO.
Looks nice, decent menu, love the locale. TIA

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  1. I haven't been in a few years but it used to be very good. Not cheap but generally worth it. Try it and see.

    1. If you are unfamiliar with this restaurant, there are two dining options here. You can ask to be seated in either the dining room or the grill/tap room. You can order off of either menu in the tap room but only the dining room menu in the dining room. The tap room menu is much more moderately priced than the dining room. The food is just as tasty, if not as complicated as that served off of the dining room menu. The grill room is very charming too, but can be chilly in the winter, so be warned.

      We dine at the Fenchtown Inn a few times a year and really like it. The food is not what I would call exciting exactly, but it's very good. We usually go during the week, as the weekends can get very busy.

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        Flourgirl, you've covered many of the things I was going to say. Let me add a couple of others.

        The dining room too can be chilly at this time of year. If it's cold outside, I always tell people to sit as far away as possible from the front door and avoid tables near the windows. It's just a fact of life that old inns like the Frenchtown tend to be poorly insulated.

        We also avoid dinner on a Saturday night, not because it's busy but because the inn has a prix fixe menu that night. As I recall, the least expensive selection will run you $48, and that's not including drinks, tax and gratuity.

        All in all, we really like The Frenchtown Inn, not only for its food and service but also for the cozy atmosphere (except on a cold winter night!). When the weather is good, it's also a wonderful spot to sit outside and enjoy people watching next to the Delaware River.

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          Thanks. I'm looking forward to trying this, i'll wear my silk long johns... I dont like the cold! I'm a fan of the cuttalossa inn but the food wasn't great the last time. Menu @ FI looks good for us. Cant wait. I'll report back when we get to go.

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            I have not been there in years but its a great location and a great place to bring a date ...

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        1. The Frenchtown Inn brings back some fond memeries. It was our favorite "splurge" restaurant back in the 1980's and early 90's.
          I can't remember the owners or chef back then but the food was worth the looong ride from the Jersey shore where we lived at the time.
          After it was sold we never worked our way back there.