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Jan 8, 2008 04:19 AM

Chicken frozen for a year - make stock?

I have 3 lbs of chicken that has been frozen for a year. Is it still good? How can I tell? I was think of just making a stock with it - will that be ok?

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  1. It should be just fine for stock.

    1. The consensus when googling this question is that nine months for raw chicken is the limit. Personally, for 3 lbs of chicken (what, about $6), I would toss it.

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      1. re: bnemes3343

        I agree, why spend the time making stock from a freezer burnt chicken. I'd rather use bouillion cubes.

        1. re: millygirl

          Me too - I think that is just too old.

      2. I think that it depends on the condition. If it was vacuum packed, and kept in a very cold chest freezer, its probably ok to even cook and eat. If it was wrapped in butcher paper and kept in the standard refrigerator frostfree freezer, its probably nasty even for stock. Take a look -- if its in good shape, use it, if there is lots of freezer burn, don't.

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        1. re: firecooked

          I agree with firecooked--a year in my refridgerator freezer would probably mean the stock pot--unless it was freezer burnt. But I have eaten two year od turkeys and chickens from my mother's chest freezer which were just fine. Open it and see what you think. Keep in mind that freezer burn is unappetizing, but it is not unsafe.

          1. re: dct

            Firecooked has it right. Since chest freezers freeze at zero degrees, and your refrigerator freezer at something well above that, I wouldn't risk it if it was kept in the refrigerator freezer, even for stock. It can spoil, although rarely. Unfortunately, you can't really smell a bad frozen chicken, so you will have little to go on. However, I have kept cleaned backs in my chest freezer for over nine months and they made fine stock. I think the temperature difference absolutely affects how long you can keep it. Others have also indicated that the presence of freezer burn or inadequate wrapping may also qualify it for the trash, and I agree.