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Jan 8, 2008 03:48 AM

Vietnamese bakeries?

ARE there such?

If so, WHERE are there such?

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  1. Van's Bakery in San Gabriel and Westminster.

    1. What type of bakeries are you talking about? Bread-only? Cakes?

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        Bread really, I'm hoping to find some superior french rolls. But I'm naturally curious about the other stuff as are we all, so cake etc. recs are fine too.

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          Every bakery and sandwich shop in Little Saigon sells baguettes (some made with part rice flour, which makes for a VERY soft texture inside) and banh mi (French rolls) -- baguettes are normally 2 for $1 after a certain point in the day, since they don't last very long. I believe that French rolls are 3 for $1 before the "cut-off" and 5 for $1 afterwards, but don't quote me.

          Bear in mind that bakeries are different from banh mi shops -- banh mi shops are where you get those delectable, fantastic sandwiches for all of $2. Some banh mi shops sell che, which is a range of jellied type desserts (some milky, some coconut, some jelly, etc.), and most sell things like fresh summer rolls (goi cuon) with peanut sauce, various sweet buns baked and fresh, etc.

          Other things you should try in a Viet bakery -- pandan waffles, which are made with coconut and pandan (this colours the waffle splotchy green); pate chaud, which is meat inside flaky pastry (this can be greasy); choux a la creme (cream puffs). Van's on Brookhurst have the usual assortment of fancy pastries, but they also have various savoury bao.

          In addition, bakeries are a great place to get things like cha lua (Vietnamese ham type substance) and pate.

          You really, really need to start exploring Brookhurst and Bolsa Avenues. :)

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            Since Chinese New Year is about to roll around, I think I'll do exactly that.
            They used to have a cool parade/festival down there; hope they still do.

            Thanks DU and others for all the info.

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              They do, and all the yellow flowers you could ask for. Tet in Little Saigon is a really fun time.

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            A great place to introduce you to what you are looking for and "all of the above" is the South/West corner of Bolsa & Magnolia, where the ABC supermarket is located. Park your car, start on the ABC end of the center and you'll be a whole different world.This bustling corner of stores has Banh Mi Che Cali, where you can find good baguettes, rolls, che, springrolls, and many, many other pastries that everyone has suggested. A few stores down you will find Van's Bakery, where you can further explore cakes, tarts,hot pandan waffles ,more pastries , candies and other unique treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. While you're there, stop by the two incredible fruit stores that stock fantastic, unique fruits and vegetables. If you're wanting to support the local gardeners, you'll find a Viet grandma or two on the sidewalk selling their home grown goods straight from their garden.
            There's also a bunch of eateries, a water store where you can get fresh sugar cane juice, a toy vendor on the sidewalk to sell you next years x-mas gifts, a hair salon that will give you a decent cut for just $7, a liquor store to get your lottery tickets and plenty of ATM machines at the B of A in case you run out of cash.
            If you don't find what you're looking for here, move on to the rest of the Bolsa & Brookhurst recommendations. Have Fun!

        2. Van's Bakery on Brookhurst and 13th in Garden Grove. YUM.

          1. Sing Sing Bakery makes great puff pastry. I'm a big fan of their fruit tart, layer cakes (whipped cream frosting, not buttercream), pate chaud (they make a fish version in addition to the usual pork, chicken and bbq ones), and Viet yogurt.
            9600 Bolsa Ave
            Westminster, CA

            Boulangerie Pierre & Patisserie is owned by a Frenchman of Viet extraction. The place has better atmosphere and does slightly better looking versions of classic French pastries than most of their Little Saigon competitors

            14253 Brookhurst
            Garden Grove, CA

            Boulangerie Pierre & Patisserie
            westminster, ca, westminster, ca

            Pho Nguyen Hue
            Westminster, CA, Westminster, CA

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                I have been there and have had the tart. It was very delicious and a good value.

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                  3rd le croissant dore. their fruit tart when fresh is worse than crack.

                  we bought the largest size and 4 of us went at it with forks.

                  gluttony: 1
                  fruit tart: 0