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Jan 8, 2008 12:37 AM

Sopa de Albondigas?

Where to find this Mexican meatball soup in town?

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  1. I know that La Morado at MoPac and Parmer has Albondigas, but I'm thinking they're served as an entree, not as soup. I think El Gallo on South Congress may also serve them.

    1. Azul Tequila has albondigas and I remember it being soupy though their menu description doesn't sound that way:

      1. Just had wonderful Albondigas from the lunch buffet @ Fonda del Sol on E. 7th. . Don't know if they are a regular buffet item. BTW, a GREAT Sopa de Mariscos appeared , loaded with shrimp, mussels & crawfish, all in a super-seafoody broth. Whatta lunch !

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          Soup Peddler is offering it this week.

          1. re: amysuehere

            From Soup Peddler:
            Sopa de Albondigas (Feeds 2-4)... $11

            "One of my favorite Mexican soups... mint and parsley-tinged meatballs are featured in a rich and spicy vegetable soup. One of our most labor-intensive soups, a pleasure to share with you... Freezes well. ..."

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              Yes, that's what made me ask. I'm curious how authentic the Soup Peddler version is.

        2. We had this for lunch today at Fuegos. I've never had it before so can't really is very flavorful and spicy enough to still allow all the other flavors through. I liked it so much that I ordered some to serve at dinner tonight and they packaged the diferent layers separately for me to assemble when it's time to serve.

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            I had the same soup last night (along with some excellent crabmeat enchiladas topped w/cojita). It's a very flavorful soup. My only request would be a bit more rice in the meatballs. They give you a side of chopped up cilantro/onions/lime. It would be also be nice to have to have some chopped up jalapenos to go with it.