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Jan 7, 2008 11:31 PM

Mi Chalateca SEA Salvadorean

Maybe this is old hat, maybe not. I ran a couple of searches on this forum and didn't come up with much. Went to Mi Chalateca on Aurora tonight with minimal information. My friend Phil and I had one pupusa each, he had the spinach and cheese, I had the pork, and suffice it to say, we could have had an entire meal of these delicious little stuffed tortillas. Then Phil had the chicken (pounded out flat, seasoned, and pan-fried) with rice, beans, handmade tortillas and a salad. I had the Molcajete, which is skirt steak, nopales, cheese(farmers, like the Mexican type), chorizo, and two fat wedges of avacado in a three-legged stone bowl with salsa in the bottom. Mine also came with tortillas, and they brought me more when I ran out. It was not light, pretty meaty and salty, and absolutely delectable. I've never had Salvadorean food, so have nothing to compare it to, but the food was very good, and I'll be back. Tab was $31 for the two of us and I took food home despite being a hearty eater.

What a nice unexpected treat. We were the only two in the place from 7-8 and I hope they can stay in business!

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  1. I'm so glad to see a review on this one! I drive past it all the time and always wonder about it.


    1. Is this the place on Aurora across from the Golds? I could never tell if it was even in business or not. It looked like they always had miniblinds falling off the windows or something.

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        Yes, that's the place. The decor is not so hot.