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Jan 7, 2008 11:10 PM

Conundrum: Food or Theater (MSP)

We have received a gift certicate that we can use for either a Guthrie performance or a dinner at Cue (or the other food venue which name I cannot recall). Which to choose? I know this board is not TheaterHound, so I am looking to find a reason to choose Cue. Those who have been, tell me what you liked. Can we, as "scruffier somewhat arty folk" find ourselves comfortable in the review-mentioned "glamorous" setting of Cue? Can we expect food we truly love (I like the reviews on local sourcing, but...well executed?) Is Cue worth the time, or should we see what Shakespeare bill will be playing?

Thanks to those who know. I know Shakespeare, but not Cue.


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  1. I can't answer about Cue, but will comment on the place on the 6th floor. (I don't remember the name either.) The word that comes to mind is inconsistent. I've eaten there twice before music performances. The first time was at the bar and was quite good. The second was in the dining area and was less good. Also, the service was overwhelmed that evening as it was a big rush to get food and check to us in order to make the show. Perhaps if we had gone a bit earlier, we would have avoided the rush and I would have had a better impression. The food was perfectly fine, but not spectacular.

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      i've only done cue once, post-theater, for dessert & coffee. i have to say that the staff was very professional and accommodating, as it appeared that it was bar service only, but we were along with family including an under-age & just wanted to sit down and chat before going off on our separate ways. they sat us at one of the best tables, all decked out for the next evening's service, in the otherwise deserted dining room lit with glimmering candles on every table. it felt special, and cold, like being alone in an ice castle, in the dark with the tall glass windows. the staff did their best to be welcoming and good to us. the bar had a couple groups of sophisticated black-clad cocktail drinkers, chatting quietly, then some lost vikings fans in jersies and purple and gold beads wandered in & ordered beers (guess there was a game that night & they'd walked from the metrodome). it was a little surreal.

      the desserts were beautiful and exquisitely plated, made with high quality ingredients but absolutely mediocre tasting. just enough imagination in the presentation to sell at the price point and nothing unexpected that could possibly upset any old-money biddies who might write the guthrie into their wills. . . we happily paid the tab and overtipped because the staff was so, so accommodating. it was not about the food at all.

      so, yeah. i'd go for shakespeare.

    2. To Eat or Not To Eat, that is the question. I say Shakespeare, without a doubt.

      1. I say buy cheap seats to a performance and use the rest of the gift certificate for drinks and an appetizer at the bar at Cue - get the best of both worlds!

        1. Jeremy Iggers posted about it in his blog just a few days ago
          --for what it's worth, it sounds like he thought it has fine, but not exceptional.

          Apparently Cue is offering a prix fixe meal special in January. Not sure if that prix fixe meal appeals to you, but if you 're trying to stretch your gift certificate...

          The other restaurant at the Guthrie is called Level Five.

          I like RedPepper's idea and am jealous grote came up with "To eat or not to eat" before I could...


          1. The original comment has been removed