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Jan 7, 2008 08:54 PM

Private Dining Rooms in SEA

My husband and I celebrate Valentine's Day every year with a small group of friends (10 of us in all) and like to use private dining rooms. We have been to Bis on Main (yummy), El Gaucho and Palace Kitchen and are looking for somewhere new, fun and great food for this year. BTW, we don't go out on the 14th to open up possibilities. I have searched but cannot find a good source to identify them. Any ideas???

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  1. Cascadia has a private room, upstairs. I like the food and service there, but you will see mixed reviews.
    Wild Ginger also does, but your group is probably as over WG as everyone else on this board.

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      Ponti has one. I have not been in in the private dining room, but the food there is top-notch.

      Canlis has one too. Most of the better places have a private dining room actually.

    2. Though it sounds strange, take a look at Elysian Fields (in Sodo). While I've always thought their food was pretty good, they've recently stepped up their dinner game to another level.

      When I was there last week the pork belly appetizer and the venison chops were both ridiculously good. Paired nicely with their "Bifröst" winter ale.

      The main space is pretty enormous, but they definitely have a private room.

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        this is a list of places with private rooms - umi sounds like a good idea for your group, as does cremant.

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          And the private dining area at Cremant is a charming cottage out back. That would get my vote for space! Also, Quinn's has a semi-private space upstairs (long table on the east side) that gives some privacy and some vibe of the crowd. Great idea!

      2. Another option is Brasa - they can seat large parties upstairs and when they draw the curtains it's pretty private. I had a dinner there for about 14 people, it worked out very well.