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Jan 7, 2008 08:36 PM

Crawdaddy's in West Chester

This is an absolutely under appreciated gem of a restaurant in Chester County. My fiancee and I love cajun/creole food and have found Crawdaddy's to serve up the most delicious jambalaya and shrimp creole north of New Orleans! Furthermore, while you wouldn't know it from the outside appearance of the establishment, the dining room has a romantic ambiance with hardwood floors and a fireplace that is in active use throughout the winter months. We have noticed that the food and service has been slipping at the much lauded High Street Cafe, while everything is as good as ever down rt. 3 at CD's!

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  1. High Street Caffe is our "special event" Cajun place but we also like Crawdaddy's too. Of course we also like the Gumbo Shoppe and Cajun Kate's. Each one serves its purpose.

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      Has the Gumbo Shoppe reopened in Aston?

      1. re: Buckethead

        Not that I'm aware of. Sorry to get your hopes up.

    2. Went to High Street Cafe last week for the first time. I went there for some "real" cajun/creole. The gumbo, etouffee, and jambalaya were all excellent. Also had the "vodoo shrimp" appetizer....a much talked of favorite of their diners. This didn't feel very cajun to me....however I love spicy crawfish and this was exactly that. Only problem just felt like bbq sauce with a ton of heat....not very authentic stuff. The rest of the menu, while very interesting and appetizing, didn't give me the real feel of cajun/creole. Just because something is "blackened" doesn't mean it's cajun. Just because you use creole mustard doesn't mean it's creole. Regardless....had a great meal....good looking place, decent service, fair price.

      Have yet to go to Crawdaddy's....thanks for the review....will be sure to check it out soon. I thought it used to be that still true?

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        They have a liquor license now. I didn't gather High Street was striving to be "authentic." They put a creative spin on some dishes that we've been very impressed with.

      2. This just goes to show you that it is truly differrent strokes for different folks , I have been eating at High Street since the beginning and it is still to me the best restaurant in West Chester ,..hands down, I used to go to Crawdaddy's back when they were on 52 in that tiny little place and it was great , when he opened the to-go place on Market street I was a big supporter ( still the only gator cheesesteak I have ever had) but once they moved out to RT 3 it lost something to me , the food quality dropped is more like McCajun to me , cookie cutter food , pretty blah staff and high prices for what you are getting ........bummer

        1. This place is mediocre at best. Food used to be really good. We were there recently and the prices are extremely high for the portions and quality of food. The service was ok. Looks like they were hit by bad economic times like everyone else.

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            I have to agree, loved it on 52. But once at rt. 3 location - egh! Small portions, inconsistent food, charged for each indivdual drink - non-alcoholic (and 1/2 ice). I'm all over high street caffe and planning to try Kates Cajun or something like that at the booths corner flea market tomorrow. Always forget to go b/c they're only there Fri & Sat. Let ya'll know if worth the trip

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              Cajun Kate's is worth the trip! Be prepared to wait in line if you go at lunchtime. Usually I go around 3 PM, it's not so crowded then.

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                Cajun Kates is totally worth the trip , I usually get Gumbo and Jambalaya to go with a Po boy ......Gotta eat the Poboy at the counter ....way too messy if you try to take it home ....I may need to go this weekend ..thanks for bringing it up

            2. I completely agree! My friend introduced me to the delicious blackened crawfish poboy (i've only had lunch there)...mmmm....but it looks like I might be making a trip to west chester soon! =)

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                Who were you agreeing with and which place were you referring to?

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                  =) my response made sense to me at the time...haha!

                  Anyway, I was agreeing with supersharpie (talking about Crawdaddy's) but the next time I am able to get out to West Chester (sometime soon- I now have a craving for Cajun food, thanks to this post ), I think I will be trying Cajun Kates. it will be good to have something to compare Crawdaddy's with!