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Jan 7, 2008 08:27 PM

Good Jewish deli in Baltimore

I am staying in Baltimore for a couple days and I remember being told that there was a good deli with Pastrami, Rye bread, Lox, Bagels.... all the good stuff. Where should I go?

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  1. attman's on east baltimore is the real one plus a few suburban ones.

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    1. re: chowsearch

      I'm pretty sure that Attman's is the one people talk about when they mention Baltimore delis. Yummy corned beef and pastrami.

      It's on Lombard Street, not Baltimore though.

    2. Attman's is the "classic" standard (family-owned since 1915) by which all others are judged. If you're not in town or unwilling to make the trek, the close-in suburb of Pikesville is the next best thing. Try Edmart for carryout and Suburban House or Miller's for eating in.

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      1. re: tubman

        Actually, the Edmart has a handful of tiny tables in the back if you want to eat there. Much nicer than the Kibbitz Room at Attman's; Attman's is much better to go.

        The Suburban House's corned beef and pastrami are nothing special, in my opinion.

      2. I adore Attman's but there is also The Knish Shop on Reisterstown Road in Pikesville:

        1. Pikesville has the highest concentration of Jewish delis. Attman's is downtown in what was once the Jewish neighborhood. Attman's is very good it really is. BUT!...the BEST corned beef in Baltimore, without question is at Edmart. And yes, there are some tables in the back to sit down and eat at. One note, if you want your sandwich warm you must request it. The default is the serve it cold.

          If you want a more atmospheric place, Suburban House [or S&H as we call it here in Pikesville] is a pretty good place. The food is nothing that special there though. Good enough, but not great.

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          1. re: thedanny

            So little delis, so much time. If you're in the NW 'burbs and want carry-out go to Knish Shoppe. You wanna sit down, go to Suburban House (it helps if you're 80 or older). BUT...schlepp over to Attman's on E. Lombard St. There's a reason this place has been here for over 100 years.Ess gezundteh heit!

            1. re: RichardCrystal

              All of this talk is making me hungry!

          2. Attman's on Lombard St. and a block away is Lenny's. Both are all that is left of Baltimore's once famed "Corned Beef Row". It's within walking distance of the Inner Harbor. If you go to Lenny's, get the Kosher dog wrapped in fried bolony....if you think your stomach can handle it.

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            1. re: jimmitch923

              Been to Attman's many times & love it (and, FWIW, I'm from NYC originally). I've always been curious about Lenny's, however. Is it worth a trip? Or is it a matter of `if you love Attman's, why stray?' Anything else at Lenny's worthwhile besides dog+baloney?

              1. re: dan f.

                You know, I'll eat just about anything once, but I gotta say that bologna wrapped hot dog may be over my limit.

                But I did go to Lenny's once when a friend and I were unwilling to stand in line at Attman's. It was ok, but not even close to Attman's quality.

                1. re: dan f.

                  If you're making the effort to go to Lombard Street, I don't know why you'd go anywhere other than Attman's (in business there for 93 years).

                  Weiss' has turned into more of a standard sandwich shop. Lenny's is not bad, but it's not an "original" Corned Beef Row resident, it took the place of another (Jack's) about 15 years ago.

                  1. re: tubman

                    Is that the same Lenny's as Valley Village out in Pikesville/Owings Mills?

                    1. re: RichardCrystal

                      Yes--if you're a fan, you can save yourself the trouble of schlepping down to Lombard.


                      Lenny's Delicatessen
                      9107 Reisterstown Rd, Owings Mills, MD 21117

                      1. re: tubman

                        Is Lenny's in the strip where Egyptian Pizza is? And wasn't there a deli in the shopping center where Weis market and Amazing Savings used t be?

                        1. re: nickdanger

                          Nick, Youre thinking of Snyder's. It's still there. The best thing there is the fried chicken which is an old recipe from decades ago. Service is dicey. The average server is about 15 years old. Lenny's is where that new place Cosi's is located at McDonogh Rd.The deli there is good but the best thing is Lenny's is there tuna fish salad!!

                          1. re: RichardCrystal

                            Yes the tuna salad IS great! I've been eating that there since I was a kid. I think they must put sugar in it. Does that sound right?

                            1. re: thedanny

                              Here's the tuna trick......after you chop your celery ( very finely diced) sprinkle sugar on the celery....let it marinate overnight. The next day drain the water...add the sweet celery to your tuna....its fantastic!

                2. re: jimmitch923

                  -There is Weis's deli between Attman's and Lenny's...great corned beef and great pickles...but stick with the corned beef