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Jan 7, 2008 07:52 PM

Bday dinner--a good place for venison?

My boyfriend's birthday is this weekend and his one request for a dinner out is that he'd like the restaurant to serve venison. I know that Henry's End has rotating game entrees this season, but we've never been and it seems to get mixed reviews here. Has anyone been lately? My boyfriend is a former chef and so I have to be just a tad careful about where I take him. Is there any other place, either in Brooklyn or Manhattan, that anyone could recommend for venison? Thanks!

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  1. I had a great venison dish two weeks ago at Dressler. Every dish I've tried there has been good, and it is a great place to go and celebrate a birthday.

    Call them, though, as they change their menu, and it may not always be available.


      Applewood has it occasionally as well but very few restaurants have it on the menu as a regular feature. I'd reccommend making it at home - my father just shipped me steaks and chops from an animal he'd just butchered and it was far better than anything I've had in restaurant and really easy to prepare.

      1. Another restaurant that has it on the menu is Palo Santo, but, they also change their menu, so you'll need to call ahead.

        1. Hi. I walked by The Grocery on Smith Street last night and saw a delicious sounding venison entree on its winter menu.

          Highly recommend it for a birthday celebration.

          1. Strange. I've never had a bad meal at Henry's End, one of my favorite rests anywhere. If they don't have venison this go-round, I would highly highly recommend the Elk Chops that they usually have - sublime. Unreal. Delish. Don't know what else to say. Go. Eat them. Sit back and say "mmmmmmmmm".