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Jan 7, 2008 07:29 PM

In Search Of Ground/Dried Spices in CT

Are there any stores where I can buy a wide variety of freshly ground/dried spices in Connecticut? The grocery stores are so expensive, and I'm sure that the usual brands in the grocery are not that fresh anyway. I can't find things like Tumeric, Chipote flakes, Cumin (whole) seeds, etc. at the grocery store anyway. I'm trying to avoid having to purchase them over the internet.

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  1. Penzey's down on route 1 in Norwalk , not far from Stew Leonards but on the other side of the road. Not fresh but their selections are excellent. Richie

    1. Fromage in Old Saybrook has a good selection of whole and dried spices, though you might want to call ahead to see how often they grind them. I read somewhere that even spice wholesalers only get fresh supplies every so often, so whatever you buy is likely to be at least a few months old, no matter what.

      1. The Spice Mill in Manchester sells mostly to businesses and restaurants and to consumers online, but I believe they also operate a small retail store. They're on Sheldon Rd. I'd call ahead to make sure they have what you want and to check the store hours. Here's a link:

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          Moskey, thank you so much for recommending The Spice Mill in Manchester, CT! I completely forgot about them, even though I drive by there all the time on my way to the Manchester post office! I live in Vernon, so I'd prefer somewhere nearby, and The Spice Mill is close. I'll have to go there sometime next week, and I'll let you know what I think.

        2. I have not been to this place yet but I read about it in a magazine. I am very anxious to go. Their web is <> They are in Lyme, CT.

          1. Most Indian grocery stores sell those both whole and ground, and far less expensive than the standard supermarkets.