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Jan 7, 2008 06:45 PM

Triangle Steak Houses

I am looking for a great steak house in the triangle. I have been to the Angus Barn several times and have always enjoyed it. Looking for something a little more upscale. Any suggestions?

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  1. Bin 54 in Chapel Hill has my vote as the best steakhouse in the Triangle. Very pricey but the steak (i had the filet) was as good, if not better than any I've ever had including Peter Lugar's, Del Frisco's Double Eagle and Chicago Chop House among others.

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    1. re: klaatu47

      I strongly second Bin 54, even though I eat very little meat. When I do feel the need for a beef fix, that is my choice. And LulusDad, who is a meat eater, says it is one of the best steak houses he's ever eaten in - including places in Chicago, NYC, and DC. It is definitely pricey, but feels upscale (yet comfortable). The seafood dishes and appetizers are great too.

      1. re: LulusMom

        Bin 54 is the best steakhouse that I have ever eaten in. Try the dry aged beef. If you don't want to drive to Chapel Hill, then I would suggest JK's in North Hills. I think that they have one of the best steaks around.

        1. re: RaleighHound

          The Whole Foods in Chapel Hill sells dry aged prime steaks. If any of y'all have tried both these steaks from WF and the steaks from Bin 54, can you describe the difference?

          1. re: bbqme

            I've tried only the WF dry aged strips and I'm quite fond of them. I never saw the appeal to dropping mad $$$ at a steakhouse. It's not hard to cook a steak. Season and grill. I guess around these parts it's not easy to get one's hands on prime, but I'm happy with the dry aged strip at WF for $20 (still not cheap, though). And the sides are usually mundane.

            1. re: Shag Waits

              Fresh Market in N. Raleigh also has dry-aged and it's nowhere near Whole Paycheck's ripoff prices (about $12 or 13/lb. when it's not on sale). It's not the very best I've ever had in my life but it's still pretty darn good and it's no wallet buster, either.

              1. re: rockycat

                I agree, the Fresh Market has some great beef. I've never been disappointed with the meat we've gotten there. (I think we got it for right around $11/pound on sale back around the holidays.)

    2. I second the JK's rec, and would add in Prime Only on Leesville Road. Very classy old-school steak place. The food is just as good at their downtown location, but it's a little more hip/casual, IMHO.

      1. Highly recommend Bin 54. Excellent steak, and a very well chosen wine list, which is rare for steakhouses in the area. Not just loaded with Cali cabernet, but some really interesting stuff.

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        1. re: tacostacoseverywhere

          Bin 54 sounds awesome. Anyone try 1705 Prime in North Raleigh. What about Prime only Downtown?

          1. re: micajack

            The one time we went to 1705, the service was less than impressive - and at those prices, the service had better be great. Prime Only downtown is good, but I think that the food at the Leesville Road location is better, for some reason. Although the addition of sushi at the downtown location does kick it up a few notches in my book.

            1. re: Suzy Q

              That's a shame. I have been to 1705 a few times and have never had a bad experience. Yes the prices are high, but what you expect to pay for top quality meat. We all know that great service is hard to come by in the triangle.

              1. re: kaia

                We all know that great service is hard to come by in the triangle.

                I don't. We tend to get great service all over the place.

                1. re: kaia

                  Great service hard to come by in the triangle? Huh? Now that's just silly.

                  1. re: kaia

                    Unlike the great service you receive from intimidating New York Waiters who think that they are above the level of their dinners.


                    for a funny take

                    1. re: chazzer

                      You know what is interesting? I've had some of the best service in my life in NYC. Not saying it is always so, just a comment.

            2. Figured I'd go ahead and put a llink to Bin 54's site:

              1. I've heard amazing things about Bin 54. Just be aware that it's insanely pricey - I mean like $50 for a steak plus extra $7 apiece for sides - just so ya know. If you get only meat for that $50 then that steak better be freakin' nirvana. I had a friend who went recently who was pretty blown away by the moola factor.

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                1. re: suse

                  If the prices on the online menu are correct $26-$45 for a steak is entirely within reason. Sure it's not cheap, but a big ribeye can easily be split if you order sides.

                  1. re: BryanZ

                    and the sides are definitely share-worthy (at least for 2 people). It definitely *is* pricey, but for a nice night out, when you want to celebrate or whatever, it's my favorite (and again, this comes from someone who isn't much of a meat eater). My only complaint so far- bitters in the manhattans. Maybe this is the true recipe, but I prefer without. And if that is the worst you can say about a place, thats a pretty good sign.

                    1. re: LulusMom

                      2-3 dashes of Agnostura in a Manhattan is considered pretty classic.

                      1. re: BryanZ

                        Yeah, but yucky to my pallette (um, spelling?). It's easy enough to just ask for it without.