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Jan 7, 2008 06:16 PM

Sedano's changed my life...

Spent the holiday with my grandparents on their avocado farm near Homestead, Fl. Trips to Sedano's were always part of our annual trip for cassave chips, cuban bread and guava pastries, but this year was different. My cousin introduced us to the cordadito - a shot of pilon coffee with equal part hot whole milk and a touch of sugar, ordered from the table at the back. Man, this coffee seriously changed my life. In the words of another chowhound, SCREW STARBUCKS. This coffee was all of 65 cents and had me feeling great for hours. It touched sensors in my mouth that I didn't know existed.

I was further encouraged by a friendly employee who showed us which coffee to buy (Cafe Pilon, whole beans) and how to make them at home. We are now enjoying cordaditos at home in Canada all day all weekend long (I'm seriously debating whether we should be getting up early to make these shots before work everyday).

My only regret is that we didn't get any fresh tamales from the guy in the parking lot selling them out of his pickup truck on Sunday morning. Any chowhounds know who I'm talking about or tried them? Who knew that humble Sedano's would be such a gem for a traveling chowhound?

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  1. Great to hear that a CorTadito (comes from cortar which means to cut) can have such an effect, I wonder why it didn't happen to my life :). BTW, when ordering you can further say "oscuro" (literally means dark and as name implies increases cafe to milk ratio) or "claro"(means light and increases milk to cafe ratio). Oh yeah, be careful, cause like most good things in life it is addictive and usually leads to increased usage!

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      Thanks for the clarification, eat! The servers were very accommodating and asked whether we wanted them 'light' or 'dark'. And yes, I agree (reluctantly) - everything in moderation.

    2. I love this story!

      I still remember the first time I learned about a cortadito. My friend, a cubano from NY who spoke very little Spanish, and I went to the International out on West Flagler and 70 something. Out of no where he says: dame un cortadito y una croqueta. I did a double take so fast I almost got whiplash! That lil coffee tickles my toes to this day...and Pilon is still my favorite! Although Bustello ain't bad either.

      You should get up only takes a few minutes to make one.

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        BTW, Pilon owns Bustelo now. Nothing like a shot in the manana and another after el lunch.

        1. re: eatnbmerry

          I think it's the other way around...Bustelo owns Pilon if I am not mistaken.

          It's a cubano thing!

          I look forward to the day when I can drive over to the port of Miami, roll my wheels on to a ferry boat and traverse the FLA straits for a REAL Cuban Cortadito.

          1. re: netmover

            To err is human to forgive is......

            The Souto family bought Pilon many years ago and then bought Bustelo. If you're having espresso in the US there's an 80% chance it is roasted by one of their companies. Here's a link for a special that was done a while back on their family and tradition if you're interested.


            Amen to your wish but I'm quite certain that we will have to BYO cause they don't even have that left unfortunately.

      2. I had a similar experience the first time I tried coffee from a french press. It left me wondering, "where did all of these flavors come from, and where did they go when I put the same coffee into my 'grind and brew'?" It's amazing what the existence of essential oils can do for the body and flavor of coffee. Now I'm an addict.

        My Blog:

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        1. re: sirregular

          Thanks, all. Let's just say that since coming back from holidays, I have not purchased a single coffee and that, taking your (collective) advice, I will be setting my alarm for 6:30 tomorrow to ensure a good start to my day.

          1. re: Ariadne

            No wonder Starbucks stock is down over 50% from last year!

            1. re: eatnbmerry

              I wouldn't feel sorry for Starbucks like we need not worry about McDonalds. There will always be a desire for a (in Miami relatively sometimes) clean rest room and a "safe" place to avoid the immigrant experience.

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                Sarcasm often gets lost in the written word.

          2. Most of the tamale sales people I've seen are selling nicaraguan style nacatamales -- and they're usually GREAT.


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            1. re: karmalaw

              What is Nica style as opposed to say Cuban or Mexican style?


            2. So how do you make this mysterious brew? Please share your recipe!