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Jan 7, 2008 06:03 PM

Phx Jury Duty lunch break?

Have to go downtown tomorrow for jury duty. Anythign within walking distance of the courthouse(3rd ave and jefferson) for lunch or do I just suffer through the cafeteria at the courthouse or my own apples and string cheese?

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  1. 4 Bros Pizza! Some of the best NJ style pizza in town.

    1. Crazy Jim's is right down there, so if you're in the mood for their pizzas and/or salads, that could be an option.

      Crazy Jim's Restaurant
      305 W Washington St Ste 104, Phoenix, AZ 85003

      1. There is also Sing High (Chop Suey)

        I miss working downtown. Lunch was the best part of my job!

        1. Some other choices within a few blocks of the courthouse:

          Sweet Pea Bakery -- Four lunch entrees (salads, mostly) each day and wonderful baked goods

          Royal Coffee Bar -- Features a daily selection of sandwiches from Lisa G Winebar

          Sweet Pea and RCB are next to each other, so they can be combined into a single meal if desired.

          Kirin Wok -- mall food court style Chinese, but reasonably good.

          Royal Coffee Bar
          209 W Jackson St, Phoenix, AZ 85003

          sweet pea bakery
          209 W Jackson Street, Phoenix, AZ 85003

          Kirin Wok
          15 W Jefferson St, Phoenix, AZ

          1. Tom's Tavern. I love their french dip and curly fries!