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Las Vegas Strip: Who has the best Espresso? What about Coffee? Cappuccino?

I'm looking for any place on the Strip offering the best Espresso and Cappuccino (one where you can actually taste the beans, smooth as silk and doesn't make you crazy jittery are some of the tell tales) and also just coffee. I prefer a non-sit down places where I can just order and go but restaurants are welcomed too...


And which place in Vegas (on the strip) offer Macarons? (not the coconut kind, the disk-like french cookie kind)

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  1. Starbucks at the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Convention Center Drive.

    1. Payard at CP has pretty good Cappucino. They have Macarons, but I didn't try them. We tried their danish, pain au chocolat, bunch of desserts and a couple of sandwiches and they were all pretty good.

      1. At the venetian if you want coffee to go, Bouchon has a coffee/small pastry kiosk type thing that has EXCELLENT coffee, even the brewed coffee is phenom. If you want to sit down, Bouchon is on the 10th floor, great bread too! and homemade doughnuts fresh fried when they have them.

        1. I'm sorry to ask again... but no one really have any other suggestions? For coffee that is.
          I've been to Bouchon's bakery and had a sip of their coffee, not espresso and can't remember too much about it.

          1. Bouchon's satellite booth next to the Phantom showroom allways has great French-style macaroons. I get them at least once a week!
            The Palazzo hotel is soon to open a IllyEsspremante bar..I walk by it daily, and it looks like it should be open this very week. *fingers crossed* The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf....They are passible, not outstanding at all. Good for a quick fix, if desperate.

            I'll post ASAP when the new Illy coffee-bar opens here.

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              Just wanted to let people know that the IllyEspressemente cafe is now open, in The Palazzo. It's got a really nice look, with gleaming marble and metallic esspresso machines all around. They also split the space with the Cocollini gelato place that allready has 2 shops inside The Venetian. (It's wonderful, I get some once a week! The cinnamon gelato is heavenly)

              I ordered a esspresso gociato, to have inside at the shop. They charge .75 to eat your food inside!? This I didn't see untill I was sitting down, waiting for my coffee.A little irked, I was not anticipating wonderous coffee then! *LOL* This esspresso had a small shot of cream, and it -did- look pretty when I got it.

              I'm not any connisuer of esspresso, in the least. I do like strong coffee, but not too bitter..I want smooth AND strong- a seemingly rare combo for me to get. This esspresso was slightly creamy, and strong. The smoothness was what really surprised me, tho! It went down like an aged, mellow wine or brandy. It was really very, very good! Before I knew it, my cup was done, and I craved another, just on the taste alone! I'm going to be getting coffee there ALOT, now!

              It's worth a stop, if your in the Palazzo or Venetian.

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                haha... yes, i went there 4X during my stay - found it accidentally from checking out the new hotel. They were still a bit disorganized with some of the items not coded in their registers and the staff a bit confused as they have 2 teams of staff manning the crepes/gelato vs the coffee area.

                I had everything to go and all their servings (at least the to-go cups) are the 16 oz. but of all the 4 I had (and the ones my colleague ordered) they don't necessarily fill it up (I didn't order espresso shots) so everything is smaller than the starbucks/coffee bean standard but I like them just fine and were strong enough for me to not need a larger size. I was switching back and forth from them to bouchon bakery's coffee offerings. I also had coffee from "The Cafe" at the Wynn once - not bad but not great. And one coffee from JPP at the Bellagio on the way home.

                All in all, I think I didn't do too badly in the caffeine area.

            2. For the regular coffee, PEPPERMILL! They have hands down the best cup of coffee I've had *anywhere*. If I find a place down here in Phoenix that comes even close, I'd be thrilled. It's the thick, rich kind of coffee that you can almost get the spoon standing up straight. It's unique in that I love it black, but have to take it with at least sugar there because I love their sugar dispensers there. Evidently I'm not the only one who loves them, since they sell the dispensers along with bags of their rainbow-sprinkle sugar at the cash register. You can take the coffee to go, but really, the Peppermill is an absolute joy, the one place that I absolutely *must* go to every single time I am up in Vegas. It's just a coffee shop, but they do pretty much everything right.

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                Adding a convenient link so you can find it...

                Peppermill Inn
                2985 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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                  Wow... I've been in Vegas the last 5 days and I don't know what to say about Peppermill. I took a few colleagues to Peppermill for dinner and it could not have been a worse decision since I have not myself tried it. I won't go into the awkwardness and total loss of personal credibility, food-wise, so I'll just point out a few things. The coffee is nothing like you've described. It's quite opposite of thick that it prompted me to ask if there's a different kind of coffee - the answer is no. The food was maybe a bit better than Denny's. It was edible but not worth the accolades. One person ordered the steak special they advertised right up front and although it was seasoned pretty well, so much of it was fat and slightly overcooked (her ordered medium rare) that he gave up. None of us finished a 1/3 of the entrees and when asked for to-go-boxes, we all felt so bad for having to say no thanks - one girl suggested we take box everything so we won't be offending the staff and give them to the homeless guy in front of Walgreens next door.

                  Went to Lotus of Siam (which was supposed to be the destination for the next night) to salvage dinner (and what's left of my dignity) and since it requires no reservation.

                  Maybe they're having an off night, I don't know. One salvation - the service was friendly.

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                    My apologies... I've never thought to go there for dinner, I'm always there for breakfast or extremely late at night.

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                      The Peppermill, to my mind (and I've been there a number of times) is okay for breakfast, kind of kitschy and fun for cocktails, but not somewhere I go when I am jonesing for great food. I'm sorry you went awry, and I have to say, it's not somewhere I'd bring people, unless it was for the aforementioned cocktails...

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                        Yeah, it was definitely my own fault. I still cringe slightly just from thinking about it. I don't think I'll be back there for anything.