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Jan 7, 2008 05:34 PM

Why is everyone feeding my teenager pizza?

It is now getting to be ridiculous. Whenever my daughter visits one of her friends on a weekend night, the parents order pizza. The same family may order pizza three weekends in a row. We have started making jokes about how these unimaginative and lazy parents just can't seem to come up with another alternative on Friday and Saturday nights for these kids, and my daughter is so bored with it that she is beginning to eat with us before going out so that she can have real food (BTW, we love pizza, but not a steady diet of it). It is always the same chain/delivery quality.

When the group is at my house, I cook a nice meal and leave them to eat alone in the kitchen while DH and I move to another room. Am I the only parent in town who cares to serve real food to these teens? One night, I made hamburgers with home made french fries, and my daughter said her friends were talking about my food in school all week. I grind my own beef, so they ARE good, but they are still hamburgers. A compliment surely, but a sad commentary. One parent even called to ask how I made brocolli because her daughter said it was the most delicious brocolli she had ever eaten (fresh, with butter, nuked in the microwave!).

Any thoughts on this? What do you do feed the group when your teen has friends over?

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  1. Because people are LAZY. A lot of people nowadays didn't grow up with parents who showed them how to cook and they don't know how and don't care to learn. Why should you, when you can just drive your van through or call for someone to deliver it to you?

    I work with a woman who has 2 small children. They eat McDonald's several times a WEEK. She does not know how to cook at all and doesn't care to; the only homemade food they get is when they are with their grandmother. Everything she buys from the grocery is processed and packaged so that you can just throw it in the microwave or whatever. It's amazing to me.

    My Mom was you. I didn't have tons of friends over but they always enjoyed eating at our house more than their own because she was a great cook and made foods from scratch. Whenever I ate at my best friend's house we always just had kraft mac & cheese or whatever and the kids were left on their own a lot to fix their own food, and you know kids, they'll do whatever's easy and junk-like.

    You are a rare and important breed. Keep it up!

    1. Our house was the go to house for al the friends of the children. I have been known to serve chicken soup, fresh home made bread, sweet butter, salad and home made apple pie. The sweeties would scarfed every last bit. Roast chicken and potatoes was another fave. These days it seems some people have no time or limited desire to cook a standard meal.

      1. I have 3 teens and have run into the same problem. I often have a group of kids up to our house in Tahoe to snowboard. I always cook and then my hubby and I go have a glass of wine in another room. I also make burgers but sometimes I do some type of pasta with chicken or meatballs or sometimes we grill a london broil and slice it thin and serve it with a pasta salad. My son also tells me that the kids love my cooking and I am always amazed as it seems pretty basic to me. I also do a big breakfast to get them off on the right foot. They are always very appreciative. As far as the constant pizza goes, l think a lot of people are just lazy.

        1. One of my favorite things about going to a particular friend's house in high school (besides the friendship) was her mother's chicken soup. It was always a little different each time - a variety of veggies, sometimes pasta, sometimes potatoes, sometimes dumplings - but it was SO very yummy and comforting. I've since taught myself to make chicken soup (and many other homemade things), and love to share with visitors and friends, to pass along those good feelings.

          Please keep feeding your daughter and friends home cooked meals - maybe it is a sad commentary that they don't get these things at other homes, but you could also think of it as a bit of a public service? Please also understand that many families aren't just lazy (though that's part of it), but just overwhelmed, and are looking for an easy solution. Regardless, real food is a great gift to give to the crowd.

          1. I remember a lot of pizza at birthday parties when my son was younger. I can understand that. Pizza is easy to take to places like parks and bowling alleys. Now that he's 14, though, there has been less pizza. (A good thing.) Recently at a slumber party during the school break his friend's mom made a pasta/bean/veggie soup and my son ate it. He didn't much like it, but he ate it. (If I'd made it, no way.) And he really liked the homemade waffles she made for breakfast. I'm really glad she made the effort, since my son is not an imaginative eater. So, please, keep it up. Thanks.