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Jan 7, 2008 05:20 PM

Favorite ethnic desserts in greater LA?

What are your favorite ethnic sweets available throughout Los Angeles?

I love the yellow custard buns at New Capital seafood during dim sum service (look for the small plate with three round buns on it and no scallions on the buns), much lighter and more delicate than any other I've had.

Where's the best goat milk flan? The best Italian cookies? The most intoxicating rice wine lees soup?

I'm ready to go out and eat myself jumpy. Please advise.

Krispy Kringle

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  1. Krispy Kringle...I probably would not have responded here, except that with your mention of those yellow custard buns I am droooooling. And if you like these, try the white almond anemic looking buns at Elite...aaaaah!

    One of my other favorite ethnic desserts is the Indian gulab jamun: those warm, round milk donuts in the rose syrup. There are probably enough calories in a bowl of these to hold me for the month!

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      Oh, liu, yum! I have only had those at India Sweets and Spices, but they are scrumptious. I think of them almost like cheesecakes. Who makes your favorite gulab jamun?

      Will have to try the almond buns at Elite... have not been there yet.

      1. re: Krispy Kringle

        My favorite gulab jamuns? Really, Krispy Kringle, it's always a surprise to find them because many Indian restaurants do not have them. I suppose you could ask (call ahead) your favorite Indian restaurant to make them??? I wish I could recommend somewhere...a 'Hound call for help here.

        And oh, YES! Hurry! Try everything else at Elite while you are there!

        1. re: liu

          they have gulab jamuns at Annapurna on Venice Blvd in Culver City. And I have also seen them at any number of places in Artesia.

    2. Mateo's paletas from their store in Palms or the one on Pico. In particular, I am a sucker for the leche quemada and the rice milk.

      Obleas with arequipe at the Colombian restaurant near Hollywood/Echo Park (La Fonda de Antioquia)

      Tahini bread from an Armenian bakery (or from Jon's market)