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Jan 7, 2008 05:09 PM

Pizzaiolo reservations

Sorry to ask a stupid question like this but I have been on the phone since 3 pm today and either I get a busy signal or the phone rings and rings and rings.

The website is not clear.

Are reservations taken only for the day?

If they are full is it just a matter of ... no pizza for you ... and they don't answer the phone?

At the very least they could have a voice message. They are getting off to a bad start with me. I don't like restaurants that make you play a reservation game.

Do they update their website regularily? "Today's menu" is for Dec 31st ... vacation? If so, then put that on the website or voice message.

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  1. I have never had that problem with Pizzaiolo... and actually have always been able to get a reservation when calling late in the day. Vacation would be my guess. Sorry, I know that I really haven't provided you with any useful info.

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    1. re: lamlex

      I've also not had a problem calling the same day for a reservation, but I've either only done that or gone in early without one, and I have to agree with you rw, the website is very unclear as to whether the reservations can be made in advance (ie other than for the day you are calling) or not. I hope someone who knows will chime in here.

      I was prepared to dislike Pizzaiolo from the very beginning because they didn't take reservations at first, and I would be put off if I were trying to make one and it just rings and rings. But, I couldn't dislike them. the meatballs alone are worth the hassle....

      1. re: susancinsf

        I've made reservations well in advance, and I've never had that issue with the phone before -- there was always either a message (if it was before when they start answering) or someone picked up almost right away. There's no reservation game.

    2. I think they might still be on vacation. I peeked inside last week and all the tables were removed from the dining room.

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      1. re: DezzerSF

        Too bad. With mere mention of the amazing meatballs, I was thinking of heading over there for dinner tonight.

        1. They take reservations up to a month in advance. I think they must reserve a lot of tables for walk-ins, given the long line that forms before the doors open...

          1. Tried to go last week for dinner- they were closed for some maintenance. I don't remember when the sign said they'd reopen, however.

            1. Maybe their power was out so the answering machine wasn't working.

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              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                I just called tonight at 7pm and made reservations. It sounded busy in there too.

                1. re: Mari

                  Well, I have no clue what went on yesterday. They were open tonight and packed when I drove home after dropping my friend off. I think the food gods were looking out for me though. Instead we ate at Turkish Kitchen and loved, loved, loved the food there. I'm sure Pizzaiolo and I will cross paths one of these days. other than for morning cappucino.

                  Thanks all for your help.