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Jan 7, 2008 05:00 PM

brunch/lunch for visiting nyc hounds

Hi ! Heading to Philly for the wknd with some fellow NYC hounds ... any suggestions for brunch/lunch?

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  1. do you have any requests? -- will you be in a certain location, looking for certain price range or style of food? the reading terminal market is always a great bet - (down home diner or dutch eating place are both fantastic breakfast places) other great breakfast/brunch places imho are: sabrina's cafe ( i've only been to the 9th and christian location), morning glory ( and ants pants ( all of these places you can expect some what of a wait though...but all are well worth it!

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      If you're looking for Saturday brunch, I'd do pancakes at the Dutch Eating Place and stroll around Reading Terminal Market. However, if you're visiting on a Sunday (when the Amish merchants are not there at the market) I'd do wickedly good french toast at either Sabrina's, Morning Glory, or Honey's Sit and Eat or DiNic's at the market for roast pork with provolone and broccoli rabe. I'd have to say pass on the Down Home Diner at Reading Terminal unfortunately, as I have not had a good meal there and others seem to echo my observations.

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        I recommend Jakes in Manayunk, an area which is also kind of like a West Village or Soho type town with some charming small boutiques. (approx. 15 minutes drive from Center City Philadelphia)

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          I think Jake's is a nice restaurant, but if only spending one afternoon in Philadelphia I would spend my time in Center City, Old City or the Italian Market. Manayunk has less and less small boutiques and artsy types, and is more of a commercial, after-college, hangout. Not a destination in my opinion.

          1. re: saturninus

            I thought it was for a weekend not just one day.
            True that Manayunk has less and less boutiques. Hmmmm!

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              Thanks for the suggestions! We're looking for someplace on Sunday ... we're just doing dinner out on Saturday.

    2. You can't miss Carman's Country Kitchen, not too far from the Italian market, for a unique and delicious experience not to be had anywhere else. It's tiny, though, so if your party is >4 people, I'd head to Sabrina's but be prepared to wait. Though I do hear brunch at Lacroix is amazing?

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        I'd vote for brunch at Lacroix if you don't mind spending money. It's pricy (~$55/person) but well worth it IMHO. It's a unique experience to be able to go into the kitchen for your hot entrees and the nitrogen station is a little quirky. Last time we went they had a make your own bloody mary station with grilled shrimp and different vegetables as accompaniments.

        1. re: bumble

          I agree....brunch at Lacroix is very special and I think the best in Philly.

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