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Jan 7, 2008 04:25 PM

Agree with concierge for dinner and lunch rec's?

Traveling to NO soon (not over Mardi Gras!). Really enjoyed Stella's, and Bayona on past visits. Traditionally we go to K-Paul's our first night in town. So, already made those plans. Heard great things about Brigsten's (from Chowhounds!), and made reservations there. Not sure where to dine last night in town. Called concierge, who recommended Muriel's on Jackson Sq and Dominiques, also in the quarter. Your thoughts- yes?,no? Am I confusing Dominique with Delmonico's? Don't want to go anywhere touristy. Will travel outside the qtr for food!

He also recommends RioMar and L'il Dizzy's for lunch. Sound like good creole spots. But, hate to waste any food opportunities while in NO if these aren't great (food) places.

Anxious to hear your thoughts! Thanks!

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  1. RioMar is great for seafood and esp. ceviche but I would not call it creole. Never heard of the latter. Lunch has quite the variety of choices. For poboys domilicies (sp) or perhaps crabby jacks for a quick calorie infusion. Many dinner restaurants offer lunch on various days of the week. Dante's does a good brunch, as does Commanders, Surrey's and Slim Goodies although the former two are three to four times the price of the latter(s). In any case, I don't hold to any "tourist places are junk" theories in NOLA, unless of course a crappy place happens to be a tourist spot. Sometimes visitors get good recs or happen to get lucky. Now back to the national championship...

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      Thanks for your insights. It really isn't my theory that"tourist places are junk". I will be heading to CDM for my coffee and b's. Unless you have any other suggestions..? mm

    2. Lil Dizzy's on Esplanade was very good. Everything I had there was great. Never been to the new Poydras location which is probably closer to where you will be. Here's a website with some info.

      Rio Mar is spectacular, if you go for lunch try the tuna empanada. No creole food there however.

      I have only been to Muriel's once and loved it.

      I've never been to Delmonico or Dominiques or would it be Domilise?

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        Domilise's is near Tchoup, Uptown.

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          Thanks for the Info! Lots of good places without enough time (or stomach space) to try them all. Have you eaten at Domilese? Any thoughts? Thanks! mm

        2. Skip Muriels and Lil Dizzy's. For dinner try Herbsaint or Dick and Jenny's. Cochon would be good for an all appetizer lunch. Commanders would also be a good choice for lunch. Great Bloody Marys, 25 cent martinis ( great food and service too).

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            Thanks! How I could I pass up a 25 cent martini? mm

          2. Lil Dizzy's is great, but it is an ultra-casual, downhome joint. I love it, but it's not haute cuisine--don't know if you care about such things, though.

            RioMar rocks. It would be a good-to-great restaurant in any city in the U.S.

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              I can break away from fine dining for great food! Anxious to try . Thanks mm