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Jan 7, 2008 03:54 PM


I was in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago, and went by a Pinkberry. I remembered reading about it here, so we stopped by the next day. I must say...very good. The yogurt was tangy, and it became more and more addicting as we ate. I really liked the very fresh toppings, including fresh fruit. Very different than what we're used to with frozen yogurt, and it was really good.

Didn't someone mention a Pinkberry type of yogurt in Scottsdale somewhere? Is it really similar and worth a visit? Thanks.


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  1. I lived in LA all summer, and thus, became addicted to Pinkberry (it seems to happen to a lot of people). Ice Tango is right near my house in Scottsdale, and once I heard we were receiving anything even remotely similar to Pinkberry, I rushed over. I have been a total of about 5 times to the location on Frank Lloyd Wright and 90th St. It's in the old location of a Cold Stone Creamery, between a Subway and a Hawaiian BBQ. It has the same basic concept as Pinkberry, right down to the Ikea-inspired bright furnishings, but has more options. Pinkberry just has original and green tea, but Ice Tango has original (called "Twangy"), and other rotating flavors including blueberry, pomegranate, & mango, plus chocolate and vanilla custard. I have tried almost all of them, and the pomegranate and Twangy were the best in my opinion. The custard seems slightly out of place, but I'm guessing they threw it in there to appeal to people who didn't quite get the whole yogurt fad. They have a bunch of toppings as well, including fresh fruit and assorted candy.

    The major difference between Ice Tango and Pinkberry is Ice Tango also has crepes, both sweet and savory. I've only tried one (the nutella one), and it was pretty good. It was huge and had gobs of Nutella and bananas. There's also a free water cooler, but the water has mint and lemon in it, which a lot of people like, but I think tastes like grass.

    It's the closest we have to a Pinkberry, so I will continue to go there in hopes that more locations and spin-offs will spawn, and hopefully one day we'll have our very own Pinkberry (or Red Mango, which is even better! there's one in westwood). After all, Sprinkles cupcakes is an LA craze and the locations in Scottsdale is opening this month (according to their website). Let me know what you think if you go to Ice Tango!

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      This tart yogurt is very addictive. I first tried it in San Diego at Yogurt World. My favorite flavor was Asian Peach. Delicious. When I came back to Scottsdale I found Ice Tango where the flavors are also extremely delicious. Unlike Yogurt World where one can help themselves (self service), Ice Tango does it for you. Meticulously clean and tidy. Owners David and Suzie are genuinely friendly and truly love their business. Their staff is also very friendly. I love going there. Pomegranate and pear flavors, here, are my favorite. Plenty of toppings to choose from. You must try this, but beware, you will return and return. LOVE THIS PLACE!

    2. I have never had Pinkberry, but read about it several times and when I heard that there was a Pinkberry-ish yogurt place in town, my husband and I quickly planned a trip to Ice Tango. I don't have a basis for comparison, but I thought Ice Tango was excellent. So fresh tasting and I loved all the toppings. I had the Twangy flavor with pomegranate seeds and mochi. It was really different than anything I have tasted and really addicting. My husband had the chocolate custard with raspberries. So good!!!

      We will definitely be going back in the near future. Does anyone know if this particular kind of frozen yogurt is healthier?? That would be a bonus.

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        I'm looking at the nutrition information for TCBY and Red Mango, and cup for cup they're both about the same nutritionally. The tangy frozen yogurts get their twang from the addition of a little bit of citric acid.

      2. Link to Ice Tango added.

        Reiterating what the last two people said - Ice Tango is definitely worth a visit!

        FYI - another place that has Korean style frozen yogurt is the Seven Sisters Sweet Shop. It's primarily a chocolate store but they also sell yogurt at the back of the shop. I tried it a few months ago and thought it was just ok. The prices seemed very high - I remember paying around $7-8 for a dish of yogurt.

        On a somewhat related note, I tried Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt this past weekend and wasn't impressed (it was quite bad). It is "American" style frozen yogurt (i.e. TCBY).

        trixie12 -
        I'm not sure about other places, but Golden Spoon does advertise three live active cultures in their yogurt - Lacto Bulgaricus, Lacto Acidophilus, and Strepto Thermophilus. I'm not a nutritionist, but I wouldn't bet on any real health benefits from eating frozen yogurt!

        Ice Tango
        15560 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

        Seven Sisters Sweet Shop
        20731 N Scottsdale Rd # C9, Scottsdale, AZ

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          The irony is that most conventional supermarket yogurts are similarly not so healthful either, due to the copious amounts of sugar, artificial flavors, and weird emulsifiers...

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            have you tried i swirl frozen yogurt in goodyear? they have the best original. i promise you will be very pleased. if you're a froyo lover then it is worth the drive. also try their blueberry.

          2. Zephyr Espresso Cafe in Gilbert has a big poster up touting their new sour or tart frozen yogurt. I can't remember precisely what it says, but I definitely got the impression that they were jumping on the pinkberry wagon. I haven't tried it, and I haven't tried Pinkberry, so I'm in no position to give any sort of review, but if you're in this part of the valley it might be worth a try.

            1. Been to Seven Sisters, and liked it. Agree that it was pretty expensive.

              There is a sign up next to the Target on 7th St. and Bell, that advertises a new Yogurt shop opening, named something similar to Pinkberry (like Sweetberry Yogurt or something). It isn't opened yet, but I will be sure to try it and report back when it is official.

              I would guess the Frozen Yogurt trend is going to spread like wildfire across the nation (just like it did 15 years ago when TCBY was just getting started).