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Jan 7, 2008 03:49 PM

Feedback Requested on 4 Potential Dinner Places

Looking for a good dinner place for me and a friend. We're females in our mid-20's. Restaurants in the running include: Bar Tartine, Universal Cafe, Laiola and Woodward's Garden. I've been to brunch at both Bar Tartine and Universal Cafe and loved it, but I've never been to either place for dinner.

What would you pick out of the 4 places listed?

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  1. I've never eaten at Bar Tartine or Laiola so I can't help you there I'm afraid.

    As to the other two, you can't go wrong with either one; both serve excellent food. If it were me I'd opt for Woodward's Garden only because they will take a reservation and the wait at Universal can dampen the enthusiasm quite a bit.

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      Has something changed at Universal? They used to take reservations. Could you be thinking of Slow Club?

    2. Of the four, I've only been to Bar Tartine for dinner - I love it. Seasonal food, but more ambitious preps than a lot of other "California cuisine" restaurants (foie gras stuffed quail, etc) - I've had a number of dishes there that remind me of dishes I've had at far more expensive restaurants, just with messier plating, bigger portions, and lower prices.

      1. I love Universal Cafe, its seasonal and always good and charming.
        I have not been to Bar Tartine for quit awhile but from my last experience it would be a very close 2nd if not tie between the two.

        Woodward's Garden is a very special place and whats a little romance between friends, it is a very romantic place IMO. Maybe since you have been to both Tartine and UC go to Woodward's for a completely different experience.

        I have not been to Laiola

        1. Woodward's Gardens is really good. Nothing wrong with the other options, but if you haven't tried Woodward's, you should. It is a little expensive, however.