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Jan 7, 2008 03:27 PM

Great Bluefish recipes?

I've got a bluefish filet to cook, my goto recipe for bluefish has been to bake the filets with a mayo-mustard sauce on top -- but I've done this for years and want to try something different. I'd greatly appreciate hearing any good bluefish recipes that you 'hounds might have. Thanks.

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  1. My favorite way is to bake with sliced onion,capers or olives( good olives ) or both,and oregano, lemon or citris of choice and some olive oil then when it firms up I broil charring the fish some .I never steam in foil for me it poaches and has an unpleasant oily taste

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      That's a great technique thanks.

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        This is a fantastic preparation - I've made it two weekends in a row! Thank you!

      2. I cover it with garlic & parika butter. Then I cover it with a piperade of tomato, onions and peppers.

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          I might try this, the piperade sounds good. Another recipe I saw for "blackened bluefish" with cajun seasoning is another option.

        2. This is a fantastic recipe that is pretty much the same as Marcella Hazan's in "Essentials". The potatoes end up just as delicious as the fish- the entire dish sums up to more than its parts.

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            Totally agree. Great recipe. A variation on the same theme from James Peterson is to place the fillets on top of partially baked potatoes and scatter coarsely chopped peeled, seeded tomatoes and pitted and coarsely chopped brine-cured olives around the fish. Whole meal in a dish. I often make this with striped bass and red snapper as well.

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              3.5 years later...

              We scored some bluefish from the local fish monger last week and tried this recipe, and it was DELICIOUS! I added mushrooms and thinly sliced onions. Definitely a keeper! This would also be great with other varieties.

            2. Our family tradition is to bake it with rough cut tomatoes, bacon, and lots of parsley. A bit of lemon at the end brings it together, Just smear the fillet with the bacon mixture and by the time the fish is done, the bacon is too and it all blends together. My great grandfather made it this way.

              1. I rub them with this spice rub which is actually my pork rib spice rub:

                4 tablespoons dark brown sugar
                2 tablespoons kosher salt
                2 tablespoons paprika
                2 tablespoons chili powder
                1 teaspoon cayenne
                1 tablespoon black pepper
                1 tablespoon toasted and ground cumin

                Then I turn my grill into a smoker and cook for several hours. As others said, poaching or steaming brings out the strong oily taste so bluefish is best when cooked as dry as possible.