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Jan 7, 2008 03:19 PM

Cupcakes or Different Wedding Cake

Hi foodies, I am planning my wedding and want cupcakes or maybe something different for a wedding cake. Possibly a selection of small cakes. Can anyone recommend a bakery in NJ, Toms River area preferably, that isnt super expensive. Much thanks!

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  1. I know it's quite far, but I highly recommend Lulu's P√Ętisserie in Scarsdale, NY. Their cupcakes are to die for. So are their cakes. I had them at my younger sisters bat mitzvah about 5 years ago. Everytime I come home from college there is a cupcake waiting for me. (PS, its the only dessert I eat). The decorations are out of this world. Jay (owner/baker) ships weekly to celebrities for their sugar fix. They are famous!!!!!

    1. There are two places in northern NJ I'd recommend you call:
      The Petite Cafe in Nutley has the best stuffed cupcakes (you can't believe the flavors) I've ever had! I'm betting that for a wedding they'll deliver, but call and ask.
      The other is Sweet Avenue Bake Shop in Rutherford. If you go to their web site, you'll see that they do tons of party 'cakes' made of cupcakes.
      It's worth a shot to investigate those two, imo. Congratulations!

      1. Thank you! I did check out Sweet Ave Bake Shop. They look yummy and prices are reasonable. I will look into the others. Seems South/Central Jerz is lacking in this area (among other things). Thanks again!

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          Glad you agree re: SABS! Wherever you end up, be sure to treat the cupcakes just as you would a regular wedding cake, and do serious tastings! I've had some that I liked a lot more than others (from both places I recommended).

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            You are certainly right! I will send a family member to taste them. I'm sure they wont put up a fight! Petite cafe has a large menu of flavors!! WOW!!!
            Also, is there a website for Lulu's P√Ętisserie? I cant seem to find it? Thanks again!

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              Another heads up for Lulu in Scarsdale. Cupcakes are HUGE though, but worth every bite. (Much better than the overrated Magnolia/ Buttercup/ Crumbs cupcake)

              Not sure how you could make it as a wedding cake. The home made twinkies and yodels are also awesome.

              You can find them online if you google Lulu Scardsdale

              Good Luck

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                Here is the website in case u couldnt find it...and they were on an episode of the Food Network it seems!!!


          2. Consider Greyston Bakery in Yonkers


            Great cause supporting a great cause.

            My spouse and I had a three-tiered pear tart wedding cake, so I appaud your desire to do something different!

            Nancy C

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              Pear tart! That sounds delicious! Thank you!

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                We used Greyston for my daughter's wedding and it was phenomenal and lovely plus we felt good about the great work they do. I'd be thrilled with their brownies if I had something other than the traditional cake.

              2. Hi ladies! I am in the middle of planning my own wedding and we found a great bakery in Old Bridge, NJ. It's called La Dolce bakery. They have a few bakeries in NY/NJ area. We had a caek from there over the holidays with a chocolate fudge icing and it was to die for!! You have to check it out. They use all natural ingredients too so you don't get that funky waxy taste like some of the buttercreams out there. The number for the place in Old Bridge is 732-679-5123. Speak to Cindy who is the pastry chef there. Good luck!

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                  Awesome! Thank you so much! I'm glad theres something delicious that is local!