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Jan 7, 2008 02:57 PM

Sunday Brunch in Sausalito/Tiburon

Traveling to Bay Area in February. Can anyone recommend a great place for Sunday brunch? Great food and views.

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  1. Guaymas Restaurant in Tiburon does not have great food, some dishes are better than others, but its a fun place to go to sit outside and take in the great view. They have heater lamps on the cooler days. I don't go here for the food I go here because its an enjoyable place to sit outside with friends and love that you live here.

    Not many places with a great view have great food

    I like Fish in Sausalito, not really a brunch but fresh seafood, sit outside on picnic tables with a lovely view. I like to go here after a morning hike in Muir woods and have a nice lunch with a glass of wine. On great weather days its packed. I don't find it ever really cold here in Feb. so when the weather is brisk you just add layers. This pricey and cash only.

    Buckeye Roadhouse has no view but a good place for brunch. Solid comfort food, old style interior.

    1. Sam's in Tiburon- same great view (inside or out) -- good brunch/lunch menu...crab omelette fabulous, lots of fresh crab

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        Sam's is a local institution and for good reason. I'm not up on their food (it's been too long since I've eaten there) but I thank marinrain for that recommendation and reminder to go. The front of the place is a bar probably unchanged since they opened. The deck is a classic on-the-water and view-of-the-city deck. I hope you get a sunny day so you can enjoy it. Here are a few pics of Sam's on a summer day.

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          Sam's is always fun...they updated the front bar a little...their fries are super Guymas is good-my favorite dish is the Camarones (Shrimp on rock salt)