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Jan 7, 2008 02:45 PM

Disappointing Piccola Italia Manchester NH

We frequent Picolla Italia in Manchesher only on occasion. It's rather pricey, so maybe a few times a year. We hadn't been back since last summer and I won't be rushing back anytime soon. We were both very disappointed in service and meal quality. The service was severely lacking and the food was mediocre at best. The owner, Rosa, sat us at a small 2 top table in the back against a wall. It was cozy but dirty. There was food all over the wall that the table was sitting against. Gross. We waited a good 15 minutes before anyone even came to our table to take a drink order. And another 20 min to get the drinks. All in the meantime, our waitress was socializing with another table of patrons that she knew and was friendly with. We both had veal dishes which were nothing spectacular. Not their usual quality. Veal was dry as a bone and chewy. Like they cooked it in a microwave or something. With all the extra publicity and people in town, I hope most of them haven't had bad meals here at Picolla. I wouldn't want them to have a bad taste for NH restaurants. The owner is a snob, and not very friendly. What is happening in this area!!! All my favorites are going downhill!!

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  1. That's funny because I feel the same way. I've only been maybe three times, loved the first time, less the second and the third time decided it would be my last. We don't usually dine leisurely in Manch (our business is there so we are always sort of running and dinner isn't planned out well - more like on the fly). I have really nice dinners (when planned ahead) at Cotton and still want to try Richards.

    1. We had a similar experience a couple of weeks ago and agree with you that the service has really gone down hill. Three of stopped in around 1.30 on a weekday and were left standing by the hostess stand while they tried to figure out who was going to wait on us. We were finally seated at a table for 6 when plenty of booths of 4 open. Service after that was slow, dirty dishes left on tables around us and the food was just so so. No one part of the experience was really dreadful just the sum that made us comment on the way out that we are in no hurry to go back and regretted the choice. One other thing that I think Rosa should address is the dress code of the servers. Ours had a bare midriff and to be polite ..Rolls should be part of the menu. Nobody needed to see that when trying to eat.

      1. In November we drove from north of Boston to meet friends at Piccolo for lunch. Except for a table of 6 young men in jeans and tees the restaurant was empty. We were seated at a long table in the front near the windows. The tuxedoed Maitre'd was gracious, the drinks, and menus came in good time, bread and olive oil was presented, apps and entrées were served nicely but the food was terrible. My app of prosciutto wrapped asparagus was cold and tough. The eggplant parm was cold and the side of linguine was bland.( I never order pasta out but I had to taste it "just to see.")..after a few bites I sank back and sipped my chianti. My companions were ambivalent about their meals and certainly not raving about the deliciousness of them.....soup, Fet. Alfredo and a veal dish.
        Lunch for 4 adults minus chianti and tip was $180.00. We enjoyed each other's company, after all, that's what it's all about.

        1. I was eating here a few months ago, when suddenly there was a crash, and a commotion at the bar. One of the ceiling tiles had become saturated with water and collapsed over the bar, hitting some hanging glasses on the way down (which luckilly remained where they were) and then landed on the bar, in people's food, and splattered all over everyone there. The chef, I think it was, came out and apoligized and offered everyone at the bar free drinks, but nobody took him up on the offer since they were wet and covered with soggy cardboard. Luckilly for me, when I arrived the bar was full, otherwise, I'd have been sitting there.

          On the upside, my chicken alfredo was delicious.

          1. I'm usually hesitant to report negatively on a place that I've enjoyed in the past...I'm glad to see it wasn't just a bad night at Piccola. We're going to stick to our other favorites for now.