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Jan 7, 2008 02:22 PM

Must Eats in Detroit?

I will be moving out of the Detroit area in about 6 months, and i want to try all the must-eat places before i go. Suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Have you tried searching the board? There have been many threads on this topic.

    1. High end, cost no object: Tribute, The Lark, The Ritz
      Classics: Lafayette Coney Island
      Middle East: Al Berdouni, Shatila bakery in Dearborn
      Ice Cream: Clark's
      Pizza: Original Buddy's or Sheild's
      Corned beef: Bread Basket, Oak Park

      This is just a first stab....See also the Dearborn post today --many, many options. there.

      1. last saturday our kids went to a friends house for dinner and my wife suggested we go out for a good burger. we drove down to the red coat tavern (woodward just north of 13 mile). it has been a while since we have been there.

        6:00pm saturday night. the place is packed (expected) and we are told the wait is an hour (not surprising). we put our name in, go across the street to a store, come back, park in the crammed lot, snake through the packed/tiny waiting area, and shimmy our way up to the bar. i order one pint of pilsner urquel and a bud light for my wife and wait. within 10 minutes, we luck out when two seats at the bar open up right in front of us and we slide in. an hour later (and several more beers), we are called and are taken to our booth on the other side.

        pretty hungry by now, we order an ale/cheese spread appetizer that comes with a quarter loaf of baguette and crakers - very good.

        for the main feature, i got a piedmontese burger, medium rare, with jack, mushrooms, dijon, hold the mushrooms. my wife got a regular (mayo, letuce, tomato) piedmontese, medium, with cheddar. we split an order of rings.

        wow - were the burgers fantastic! cooked to perfection and packed with flavor. definately worth the wait. i cannot wait until we go again. some of the other things on the menu look good and i have heard/read good things about them, but i just cannot get beyond the burger.

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          Yeah, xman, it's hard to deny that burger, isn't it? Myself, I prefer the original to the Piedmontese, since I think that the flavor is just better with the original, but both are just wonderful, wonderful examples of how this type of food was meant to be.

          Bonus points for them having good (albeit a bit on the pricey side) onion rings. The rings are big enough for sharing between two or three people, though, so when I look at the price of them, I have to keep that in mind.

          1. re: xman887

            If you're ever in the area , red coat is a great lunch spot . Same great burgers , less wait . I have amazed many an exurb friend with the red coat lunch . Plus , you are usually out the door for under $15 !! Burger , soup , fries , yum !