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Jan 7, 2008 02:00 PM

Kitchenaid knives

I just wanted to post here because I recently picked up a small 5 pc block set of kitchenaid knives (6" chef's knife, 4" and 3" santoku knives and 5" serrated utility knife.) on sale for under 40 bucks canadian.

I must say after a few weeks of having them I am pleasantly suprised, cheap, but of very good quality, they get used regularly especially the santokus. I'd highly recommend these little guys to anyone, especially considering the price I got them at, (37 after taxes). I think regular price is 49.99 and thats still not bad.

Kudos to kitchenaid.

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  1. gotta be the voice of dissent here. i picked up a kitchenaid 5-inch santoku on an impulse at bed, bath & beyond because it was one of their "cook for the cure" products that generates donations for breast cancer research, and i can always use an extra knife. i took it home, used it once, and returned it. the thing was unbelievably flimsy - i honestly thought the blade was going to snap in half while i was chopping onions!

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      I have the 7" Susan G. Komen version of the KA santuko, and I love it for chopping veggies. I think it is a amazing knife for $20.00.

      1. re: Kelli2006

        maybe it's just the 5" that isn't up to snuff. thanks for the feedback, maybe i'll try the 7"

        1. re: Kelli2006

          I have to agree....there was a thread below about santokus...but i got a 7" global santoku (which i absolutely love) and picked up a 7" kitchenaid santoku ($16.99 w/ a coupon) and you know, the global is definitely better, but the kitchenaid is not bad at all...considering the global was 6x the price. it did NOT feel flimsy to me, was comfortable, and was actually very sharp.

      2. My wife loves the little Kitchenaid knife she has. Great for little potatoes. I like a big, regular Dexter more.