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Jan 7, 2008 01:55 PM

restaurant week 2008

despite many previous disappointments with restaurant weeks limited lunch choices here I am again trying to get a great meal . Sort of like roulette.... Of course the question is not simply is the food great , but what will they present for the rw week lunch menu and is there a special lunch they serve all the time that is a similar value ( like Periyali - great choice everyday for a $26 lunch special ) Zabel and I are looking at the following: Devi, China Grill, August , Blue Fin , Butter, Ocean , One if by land, Mesa Grill ,Mercer Kitchen, Kellari Seafood Tavern, Zoe Soho and of course there is the good old reliable Grammercy Tavern .. any of you have any experiences and recs for these or others, based on the circumstances (RW $24 lunch) ? Is one if by land really good again? thanks
By the way two of my favorite B
IG lunches are Todai and the UN delegates dining room.

new york

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  1. Butter is one of my favorites during restaurant week. the space is wonderful to sit and relax in. I've never found it to be loud, and the service is always quite attentive. The menu was nice and featured great choices. I didn't feel "shorted" just because they were catering to a restaurant week crowd.
    August is also fantastic. Cozy and on the romantic side. I LOVE their menu, however I've never been during RW.

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      Well, i disagree about August. Ive ONLY been druning restaurant week and was very disappointed. The choices and service were both lackluster. I was also underwhelmed with One If by land ( though the restaurant is gorgeous, ive been there for non RW and its better) and Zoe ( i can barely even remember it!).

      Gramercy tavern never misses- the RW menu is creative and amazingly delicious and the service is always impeccable. I would also suggest Mesa grill and mercer kitchen....

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        Ditto on Butter. We had a fantastic lunch there a couple of years ago, and have been back for "regular" dining many times since.

      2. Just made reservations for Butter for RW. Must admit I am excited. Butter is one of those rests. that was always super hard to get in (like Nobu) and comes with excellent reviews.

        1. Can't tell from the website, but Devi made the RW lunch year-round back when it had the original team running it. Quite worth it, regardless.

          1. I would add Table and Fleur de Sel I have had good RW lunch experiences at both.

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              i think Fleur de Sel does the RW prix fixe price all year round. don't bother going during restaurant week since there's no incentive, but its definitely worth going to on any day.

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                True about Fleur de Sel offering a 3-course prix-fixe lunch all year long, but just to be accurate, the cost is a bit higher than during RW -- $29.

            2. Had a great experience with Butter but during dinner. Not crowded and normal portions despite it being RW.