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May 1, 2001 03:54 PM

Anyone try Bacon/Avocado burgers on Venice/Sepulveda???

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i've never tried this place. is it any good???



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  1. r
    Richard Foss

    Howard's Bacon & Avocado Burgers is one of those landmarks that most people try once. The food is adequate, nothing more.

    1. j
      Justin Kocher

      Howard's Avocado Burgers serves a decent burger that is somewhat above average, but they cannot even begin to compare with ______________ (fill in with your favorite burger joint)

      1. For years, Howard's was #1 supreme-o Gruburger. Alas, like most burger joints, she now cooks all burgers -- no exceptions -- thru grey to almost black. The grilled, greasy, flavorful fastfood burger has pretty much gone the way of the restaurants we are mourning. Some places, like Cassell's, who grind their own beef, will still keep it rare for you -- if you insist, and insist, and insist.

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        1. re: Mr Grub

          right mr. grub. most burger joints won't cook any variance from well done. and definitely none of the major fast food places (i.e. mcdonal, b,k. in n out, etc.-but then again these places don't constitute real food). any one know where to get a jucy, tasty burger
          cookedto your liking.

          1. re: kevin

            My favorite burger is at the Apple Pan, but then again I've yet to go to Cassell's or Pie & Burger.

            In my experience, your best bet for a cooked to order burger is at a sit down restaurant.

            There is much, much burger talk on this board (including a scathing review of Howard's). Scroll down or try the link below...


        2. I went there once. Tasteless, overcooked beef patty. Skimpy amounts of bacon and avacado. Not quite fresh bun.