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Jan 7, 2008 01:26 PM

I just moved to Edison and....

I don't want Chinese or Indian food. Coming from Hoboken I am in desperate need of some good food!! Looking for a good italian/mexican/bar-grill place. Any suggestions for something that isn't so pricey?

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  1. Hmmm, I'm not exactly sure what you're looking for but a lot of people like Jose Tejas, a pseudo-Mexican place on Route 1 (north bound lanes), not far from the Woodbridge Center. Of course, a lot of people hate Jose Tejas too!

    1. Loucas on Rt. 27 is one of the better Italian restaurants in the area IMO. The service is always good also.

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      1. re: shoremom

        Sorry, I must disagree. As I posted on these boards several weeks ago, we were treated abysmally by the owner of Loucas when we complained about an overdone veal chop. She was hostile and obnoxious, and I cannot recommend this place to anyone.

      2. JJ Bitting is on Main Street (514) in Woodbridge. If you head into Metuchen, there's a restaurant called Alessio 426 on Rt. 531 Main Street. I second Loucas. Try the Skylark Diner on Rt. 1.

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          hard to find good italian thats not exp; bertuccis (terr service), pizza time in wdge makes decent dishes (and pizza), the pizza place in metuchen on main st (decent) and you've got a decent mix in the area -- cornerstone in metuchen, skylark, loucas (BYOB), TONS of chains on rt 1 including new bonefish, la peep (these are not nec my favs, dont like la peep but others love it), for VGood italian but pricey wdge has 2 restaurants - il castello's and trattoria venezia. casa guiseppe$$$on rt 27 (another one i dont like but others do), Mei Thai, and a new 5 guys burgers in the wdge mall, along w/ a johnny rockets. good luck.

          1. re: nyebaby37

            please dont go to any of the chains on RT 1. I currently live in Brooklyn but grew up in the central part of jersey. do yourself a favor and drive the a few extra miles and head into New Brunswick. You are probably about five miles or so from the downtown area and that should take care of your fix for good food and you will have plenty of choices...both price point and cuisine.

            1. re: cdog

              haha, im from brooklyn too and it took me a long long time to get used to the local restaurants ( i recommnd the chains but dont myself go there...). keep in mind highland park, yes NB too (pricey), and Harold's is good too for a crowd, jackie coopers in the tano mall is ok too for less food, and less $. not great, good.

        2. Harold Deli (Raritan Center )..A must try !! Two people can not finish one sandwitch !!
          Excellent quility .fair prices

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          1. re: big1515

            I totally disagree on Harold's Deli. Way too much food (gimmicky) and only fair quality. New Brunswick's Mexican joints (all the way down Albany to French St) are phenomenal.

            You also get to stop in at a great brewery/bar - Harvest Moon. Haven't eaten there.

            1. re: aacharya

              Can you be more specific about the names and locations of the Mexican places in NB?

              Also, I solidly recommend Harold's. The quality of the corned beef and pastrami is unequaled--we are lucky to have this place nearby so that we don't have to depend on Katz' or the Second Avenue when we want a deli fix. As far as the portions go, yeah, it may be shtick, but leftover pastrami is great fried up the next day with eggs.

              1. re: albinoni

                albinoni you hit the nail on the head .I went there with 12 senior racquetball players after we played @ the The Club .Some of the group were Jews from New York who felt it was the Best Deli in the not forget the pickle bar.. Harolds does not disapoint !!!!!

          2. 7 Hills of Istanbul is on 27 in Highland Park... not too far from you and one of my faves in the area.

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            1. re: The Engineer

              Someone informed me of 7 Hills, need to go there, will let you know what i think...

              1. re: dragonguy

                I predict you will develop a crush on at least one employee befroe you leave. :)

                1. re: The Engineer

                  hehe, and i agree with i REALLY want to go dine there....thanxxx