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Jan 7, 2008 01:14 PM

How to freeze home-made gnocchi?

Recently made gnocchi from scratch at home -- and it was fantastic. We cooked half of the gnocchi we'd made, and froze the other half for later.

So these frozen gnocchi were frozen in the state where the potato dough had been created and formed into pieces, but before being added to boiling water. It was my hope that I'd drop the frozen gnocchi into boiling water at a later date, and get perfectly cooked gnocchi as a result.

However, because we'd thrown the gnocchi into a freezer bag, the freezing process led to the individual pieces of gnocchi sticking together. You can imagine the result: the fused gnocchi would not cook at an even rate, leading to some turning to mush before others had defrosted.
And I was not keen on breaking the gnocchi apart too aggressively, as I knew they would be brittle and delicate. All in all, the frozen gnocchi experiment was a disaster.

I've bought frozen gnocchi in containers and they were not stuck together, yet there was nothing clearly keeping them apart. Does anyone have tips for freezing gnocchi? Would, say, rolling them heavily in flour avoid them sticking together in the freezer? Or do I have to just ensure they are kept separate while they freeze?

Thanks for any tips.

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  1. You could dust them with flour...but I suspect they need to sit on a cookie tray nicely apart to be frozen well.

    1. I agree with the above poster--I would freeze them like I do with berries: lay out on a cookie sheet or plate to freeze individually. You can then bag them up once frozen and they should be fine.

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        this method works well. I would avoid the extra flour as it will give a gummy final product. THey won't taste quite as good as when you made them fresh.
        With all the work put into a batch of gnochi well worth the effort though.

      2. I freeze mine on a tray as previously suggested, I usually make a few meals worth, then vacuum seal portions and toss in the freezer.

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        1. re: Moots

          Thanks to all for the info ... looks like arranging them on a plate or tray for initial freezing is the unanimous answer.