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Jan 7, 2008 12:48 PM

Maoz on Walnut-is it open yet?

I can't tell from the website. Thanks!

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  1. not yet, walked by saturday, looks like it won't be long though.

    1. I just walked by btw 11th, 12th and Walnut today (Tuesday, 8th) and it was closed. Looks nearly ready but hard to say if it'll be open by next week.

      1. FYI-Just walked back from lunch at the pita pocket and saw that the maoz on 11th and Walnut is open now.

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        1. re: outsidein

          Skip Maoz and go to Mama's Vegetarian, 20th between Market and Chestnut. Much better falafel and homemade pita.

          1. re: Alissavlad

            Since Mama's is nearly a mile away from Maoz on Walnut Street, it's probably not a good lunch hour alternative. Nevertheless, I agree that Mama's falafel and pita is the best.

            1. re: Cruz

              there's also a mama's location (not strictly vege) at 6th and south. actually of the two locations i think i slightly prefer this one.

        2. Sorry. I was wrong. The place is not open. Went today with the intention of eating there but it was dark. go to mama's if it's closer to you.