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Jan 7, 2008 12:45 PM

Jello Sugar Free/Fat Free Instant "Pudding"

Given the list of ingredients on the box of this product, I hesitate to call it pudding. It's comprised entirely of non-pronounceable and artificial ingredients, which make me wonder what this stuff really is. Yet, truth be told, when mixed with non-fat milk, it doesn't taste half-bad.

So I'm wondering -- is there a homemade equivalent of this stuff that will yield an easy-to-make, tasty, low-cal, fat-free snack?

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  1. I have made a chocolate cornstarch pudding with unsweetened cocoa, vanilla, a tiny amount of chopped dark chocolate, skim milk, strong coffee, and a splenda/nutrasweet mix. Unfortch, it has a tendency to separate (I think due to the sweetener--maybe if you used gelatin or agar that would help). That said, the Jello mix makes a decent tasting and far easier dessert. I especially like the cheese cake and butterscotch ones . . .

    1. Pudding is basically sweet gravy. So what you need is something sweet, some flavorings, liquid like milk, and a thickener. I suspect that many of the ingredients in the instant stuff are thickeners, ones that thicken without (much) heat, that are stable when stored in the fridge for some time, and give the right mouth feel.

      The basic pudding is milk, corn starch thickening, sugar, and flavors. Arrowroot and tapioca are alternative thickeners. You take your pick on alternative sweeteners.


      1. Alton Brown has an instant pudding recipe that I'm sure can be tweaked around to make it more suitable: He uses cocoa powder which is less fattening than actual chocolate: try replacing the sugar with a no calorie sweetner and try using all skim milk. Good luck.

        1. glad you wrote this, I am so hooked on sugar free jello for some reason and am doing weight watchers.
          I have pomegranate juice in the freezer in cubes and was thinking I'd make some jello, using gelatin, and splenda and pomegrante juice. If it works, I'll get back to you. Or even a flavored panna cotta is simple, so it should be ok, right?

          oops just saw that you are looking for pudding....

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            I'd still like to know if it works. Pomegranate jello sounds interesting.

            1. re: CindyJ

              Well cindyj, I defrosted the pomegranate cubes to make the gelee or jello..
              It was sitting in a pyrex measuring cup and I was about to strain it again, to make it really nice and clear.
              Sooooo my dilemma is that I also needed to get dinner started. Pork chops and sauerkraut with onions and caraway. Unfortunately, I was struggling with the jar of sauerkraut, and slammed it down on the cutting board to try to break the seal....

              Pomegranate juice flew all over the place, emptied the whole pyrex container!
              Lucky for me, I have more cubes in the freezer..I dunno, what the heck was I thinking!

              1. re: chef chicklet

                Now you've got me thinking that some kind of pomegranate-based sauce would go really well with pork chops.. hmmmm.....

                1. re: CindyJ

                  I have a Spanish cookbook with a recipe for tongue with pomegranate sauce. The sauce includes sauted onion, dry sherry (8 T), 'seeds' from 2 pomegranates (or syrup), 3/4c meat broth, S&P - simmered 20 minutes.
                  Strain sauce, and warm the meat in the sauce (tongue is usually cooked separately, sliced, and warmed in a piquant sauce like this). Decorate with a few reserved seeds. It could be adapted to a lean cut of pork.

                  A variant is to briefly blend the seeds, strain them, and use the juice. I'd also consider thickening the sauce a bit with arrowroot.


            2. re: chef chicklet

              Ah! I just threw away a pomegranate jello recipe this weekend (never tried it) when organizing my recipes. I knew I would regret that. I think part of the recipe is on the back of a recipe I saved (I think I saved the ingredients list, so, at least that might help with proportions), so I'll have a look and see what can be salvaged.

              As far as pudding, Heidi Swanson has a pudding recipe made with silken tofu that sounds intriguing...I haven't tried it yet. Oh, it's not pudding, it's mousse. Still, might be interesting. She does have a couple of pudding recipes you might peek at.


              1. re: chef chicklet

                So, I found part (the ingredients list part) of my gelatin recipe, which called for 4 envelopes of gelatin, 1/2c sugar, 2 c pomegranite juice, and 2 cup white cranberry juice.

                I decided this recipe from Alton Brown looked healthier:


                1. re: The Dairy Queen

                  hmmm. I don't know that I have that much since they are in cubes. Guess that I could always buy some. Thanks for finding this, I still want to make it!!

                  1. re: The Dairy Queen

                    Thanks, DQ. This looks like a really good recipe. In fact, I think it can be combined with cranberries for a great turkey accompaniment.

                2. There was a recent thread on low cal chocolate pudding that might be useful: :)

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                    So I took my own advice and adapted the following recipe from fatfreevegan blog


                    The recipe is for lemon pie but I just made the filling. It seems to have turned out fine and with a pleasant consistency. Agar powder is the key. Just use a little bit.