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Jan 7, 2008 12:37 PM

Rehearsal Dinner Venue, SM

Can anyone recommend a restaurant with a private room that can seat up to 40 in the Santa Monica area? It's for a rehearsal dinner venue. Good food is important but can't be too expensive--in the $3-$5k range. Thanks!

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  1. one option would be Cafe del Rey in Marina del Rey. They have a private room off to the side that has nice views. I'm not sure of its capacity. But the food there is pretty good and it would probably fall within your range.

    Another option would be il Moro, the Italian place in West LA. They've got a private room that woudl probably suit your needs. The food there is good, as well.

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      Il Moro is a good suggestion. Their private room seats less than 20 thouogh, but they can set up the patio quite nicely for privat party. I think i've even seen a wedding there.

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        I agree about the recommendation for Il Moro. The patio is very nice for private parties. The food is good as is the service. I have been to a number of rehersal dinners there.

    2. We did our rehearsal dinner at Canal Club in Venice (across from James Beach). Generally, I don't like that place for dinner but they have a great back room and were very helpful with food and wine suggestions. We had the back room for the entire evening (started with smaller dinner for 30, then opened up to cocktails/dancing for a larger gathering) - worked out very well for us. Good luck!

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        You could probably employ the same strategy at James Beach, which has teh same owners, but better food. They've got a back area that normally has a pool table, but maybe they'd let you take out the pool table and set up some other tables. My company had a happy hour event there that went very well.

      2. My son recently attended a Rehearsal Dinner at Da Pasquale in Beverly Hills. Said it was great. I recently attended a Rehearsal Dinner at Amici Brentwood, where the hosts bought out the restaurant for the evening. Don't know the price, but everything was beautifully done. Service and food was outstanding.

        1. I checked out Il Moro but found the backdrop of an office building to be kind of unappealing. It just didn't seem to have a lot of character or warmth. Has anyone heard of the restaurant Vito in SM? it's this old-school Italian place that has a cozy private room. I've never eaten there and it looks a bit dated inside. Thoughts?

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            Vito is exactly what you describe -- old school Italian. They have some tableside preparations, if I remember correctly. We're talking about caesar salads, steak diane, red sauce italian food, etc. It's pretty good comfort food.

          2. Wilshire has a wonderful private room next to/above the outdoor patio that would accomodate your party. The food and service are always fabulous.

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              I love Wilshire. I'm not aware of a private room that accommodates 40 people, but have dined in the room above the patio (with a flat screen and a privat bath room)which seats 10 at most.