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Jan 7, 2008 12:31 PM

Nobles-Charlotte South Park

Does anyone have recs on this? I have been once for appetizers, not dinner. It was superb, but I was wondering if it still is as good as it was..... Thinking of making reservations for Valentines.

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  1. I too have only been once and it has been quite a while since, but that one time was very good.

    I was at a dinner party not long ago where the topic ran to favorite upscale restaurants, and Nobles was a popular choice among the guests, so it must still be pretty good.

    1. I had a really good meal there about a year ago. It's pretty pricey but the food and service reflect that. I'd definitely recommend it for a "romantic" meal.

      That said, I tend to avoid nice resturants on Valentine's Day because they often have set menus and I like to choose my own food. Plus, I think quality can suffer when dinners are "mass produced" for two full-house seatings.

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        I'm with you - my husband and I stopped going out for Valentine's Day many years ago b/c of the set menu issue. We treat ourselves to lobster at home instead!

        1. re: hazardnc

          Thanks everyone. Was planning on going NOT on Valentines, but our own Valentines holiday for that very reason! Agree with you both, quality always suffers, and it's never enjoyable. :) But I think Noble's it is! Will report back on it when we go.