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Apr 30, 2001 01:26 PM

Stan's Donuts

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Forbes magazine claims that they're the best donuts in America. Agree?

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  1. When I was a kid I used to LOVE the chocolate peanut butter pockets, but then I found out I was diabetic so I can't have then anymore.

    I think Stan's is great. I don't really understand what the big deal is about Krispy Kreme.

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    1. re: Muhlyssa

      Krispy kreme is great but let's hear it for this west coast fav!

      Stan's memories: When I was in high school, and my friends and I had the munchies, we would go to Stan's at closing time, just about one in the morning, and get whole boxes of donuts for a buck. Just about the closest thing to a food orgy I've ever experienced. I liked the chocolate peanut butter pockets as well as the blueberry cin rolls, but my most favorite were the peanutbutter banana pockets. If you were lucky, and the donut was warm, the peanutbutter, which was salty and unsweetened, would melt into the soft banana; all this inside a perfect chewey and fresh glazed donut pocket. An experience I've been wanting to relive ever since. They probably still make the same donut, but I'm afraid if I tried it again the absence of teen hormones and THC would make for a diminished experience. Never mind the calories. Ah, cursed age!

      1. re: Muhlyssa

        What's the deal with Krispy Kreme's? They're tasteless and it feels like you're eating raw dough. Stan's truly is the best donut anywhere. Every time I try a different one it's a new taste treat. Our kids always ask us to take them there after dinner or a game in Westwood.

      2. You're killing me...where IS this place?

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        1. re: Lisa Bee

          in westwood village, right across from jerry's deli and the mann bruin theater.

          1. re: kevin

            There is also one downtown in the 7th and Fig Marketplace and there used to be one in Santa Monica Place, but I don't think it's there anymore.

        2. if your idea of doughnuts is a sweet, hunk of leaden dough, then you will love stans.

          personally, i don't think doughnuts aren't that great. but krispy kreme's are at least relatively light and airy.

          its too bad you can't find a decent croissant in L.A.


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          1. re: GT

            I've held my peace long enough. As I mentioned in a carefully documented post some months back, Stan's Donuts, though responsible for some passable crullers, is vastly overrated. In this regard Gordon's scathing comments are dead on, and those who recommend the apple fritter at Stan's are those who like their oil on the inside of the fritter, not a thin film on the outside. Try Bob's or Primo's instead.

            But Gordon, have you eaten the croissants sold by the La Brea Bakery and any of a number of French bakeries near Los Feliz and Silver Lake? All are very, very good. And I am not talking about flavored or filled croissants.


            1. re: Samo
              Stealth Child

              "Try Bob's or Primo's instead..."
              Location of Bob's?

          2. Forbes is absolutely right. Stans does make a donut that is slightly on the sweet side, but we are talking about donuts here. I was never the one to reach for the plain donut in kindergarten anyway. The apple fritter at Stan's, while not technically a donut, is, along with Vin Scully, one of the great pleasures of living in this city. It also happens to be the heaviest member of the donut family that you might ever lift. If Stan is there, he's kind of fun to talk to as well. It is encouraging that in this donut chain world, Forbes was able to find this gem in Westwood. You should too.

            1. Stan's Donuts has completely replaced my fondness for Krispy Kreme's. So scrumptious and wonderful before enduring three hours of evening classes at UCLA. They are so sweet and yummy without the heavy feeling donuts leave in your tummy.