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Jan 7, 2008 12:10 PM

Oahu - Help Me Finish My Itinerary

I will be in Honolulu for 8 nights of belt- and budget-busting dining. I am having dinner at Chef Mavro, Sushi Sasabune, Alan Wong, La Mer, and Nobu. I have 2 nights to fill. Where should I go? Since these are all haute cuisine, I would be open to something a notch or two below.

Should I go to Side Street Inn and, if so, for dinner or lunch?


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  1. I've been told that Tsukiji on the top floor of the Ala Moana Shopping Center is getting very popular. I've only been there once as a guest and thought it was pretty good if you like high-end Japanese buffet. This will bust your belt as well as your loose change in your pocket. The Halekulani has a good dining area as well as live local entertainment under the stars. I believe it's called the Room without a Key?

    1. I'd try 3660 on the Rise. Just sit at the bar & order a few apps & share an entree if really full from all the rest. Will look forward to hearing your reviews of all!!

      If you have time on your way in or out of the airport, Mitch's Sushi is definitely a few notches below ;-) Try the Lobster Van Van.

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        I would second both of torta's recommendations. I have heard excellent reports on 3660 just recently from three different (and unrelated) people. Mitch's is a favorite of mine though I usually just stop in for a "snack" of whatever is fresh.

      2. I prefer Side Street at dinner vs. at lunch. At lunch it's "lunch counter" style with a limited selection compared to dinner. There will be a wait at dinner time unless you get there early.

        For a low-key dessert I like to go to Bubbies on University. Its an ice cream place where they make their own mochi ice cream in several flavors. Oprah Winfrey is a fan, and the mochi ice cream is served at Nobu in New York.

        Another delicious "notch-below" place for lunch would be Nico's at Pier 38.

        1. Not knowing where you are from makes it a little hard to suggest, but in Waikiki good Chinese can be had at Legend Seafood (Dim Sum for lunch!) and Fatty's, which is many notches down from Nobu, except for the exceptional cake noodles.

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            I'm in Asheville, NC. Funny, I was in a fly-fishing store last week and an employee -- who was an Hawaii native -- said to go to Fatty's and order the char sui. He also said to go to L&L Drive Inn.


          2. you might want to check this cheap eats thread from a few months ago