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Apr 30, 2001 12:48 PM

Good Asian Food Near Westlake Village

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I've recently started working for a company out here and am dying to find a decent asian restaurant for lunch. I've found some good sushi places already, but was looking more for a restaurant where I can get noodles, soup or dry. Any suggestions? My stomach would appreciate it!

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  1. Good luck. There are only a handful of good Chinese or Vietnamese noodle places in the San Fernando valley, and none that I know of are even in the west valley. I know of one good Asian noodle restaurant in Ventura County. It's Mai's Noodles, 219 W. Gonzales Rd. in Oxnard. I have to tell you I was shocked to find that place.

    1. I work Westlake as well and haven't found much in the way of noodles close by. Exotic Thai Cafe has decent Pad Thai, and there are a few locations around (Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Agoura). If you are willing to drive about 20 min into the valley, there's a great ramen place on Reseda -- Ramen House I believe it's called. I heartily recommend the spicy miso if you can handle the spicyness.

      Sushi-wise, the best in the TO is Akio's in Janns Mall off Moorpark. Although if I'm going out for sushi I usually make the trek into Camarillo to Ozeki's (off lewis rd).

      There's a mongolian bbq place on TO Blvd, but it was rather plain.. I'd avoid that if it's suggested. Still looking to try some Pho, but I have a feeling good pho is in LA proper.. or maybe the valley..

      Hope this helps!