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NJ-287/80 Junction within 20 mins or so

Looking for a meeting place for a birthday celebration nice lunch with family. A good area would be within 20 mins of the 287/80 Junction area of NJ as we are in CT and others from Deleware Gap area....anyone have any suggestions? Open to various ethnic foods or ideas.

Thank you.

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  1. Noodle Chu is a good chinese restaurant in that area. 770 Us-46.

    eccola is a good italian place although it is expensive.

    penang has very good thai food and is fairly expensive

    mexican food, done jose is good

    1. Just before Christmas, I ate at the Montville Inn which meets your requirements perfectly.


      1. Three exits(3 mi) north on/off 287 for 80 on 202 in Boonton, their is the Columbia Inn. It leans towards Italian and have good Pizza. Whenever I take a newbie there, they are always impressed and I will say it is definitely better than most. If you provide more details as to preferences, 287 and 208 or 287 and 17 are probably more equitable in travel time and distance. if that works for you, post and I will come up with some more ideas for you.

        1. okay some choices here....pizza and very casual italian-Reservioir tavern in Boonton..just off route 287 north just past route 80....second on Noodle Chu in Parsippany...possibly Mr Chu's (yes it's related to Noodle Chu) in East Hanover....on Route 10 westbound side...travel to it is east on route 10 (about 3-4 miles) off of Route 287

          1. I grew up right around there and live fairly close now. What price range and how many people and I can probably give you 5 or more great places!

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              it will probably be 7 of us and I am thinking middle of the road as far as price. We did Penang's a couple of times and love it just time to try something new. I will eat just about anything besides Indian, that is the one cuisine I never developed a taste for.

              Thank you so much.

            2. Dim sum at Noodle Chu in Parsippany would definitely be a good choice!

              1. I've read some mixed reviews about Noodle Chu -- some great but some horrible! My dad (having been a Mr. Chu/Bill and Harry customer for 20+ years) went there about a year ago and said it was terrible. I think a safer bet and probably a nicer atmosphere for dinner with friends would be Mr. Chu on Rt.10 in East Hanover.

                I'd also second Don Jose for Mexican. It's literally next door to Penang so it'll be easy to find for you. I've never had a bad (or even mediocre) meal there. Ditto Reservoir Tavern in Boonton. Can't be beat for pizza or casual Italian.

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                  I could be wrong but I believe that the same guy owns Noodle Chu and Mister Chu. Bill and Harry is a good Chinese place but the lunch menu is small. You are better off going there for dinner. Noodle Chu is a more authentic Hong Kong style restaurant and they only have DIM SUM on the weekends.

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                    My understanding is that Harry (but not Bill) of Mr. Chu is the only one involved in Noodle Chu.