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Jan 7, 2008 11:43 AM

In transit from Muir Woods to SFO

We'll be visiting this week, staying in North Beach. Our plan on Sat. is to go to Ferry Marketplace in the morning, go to Muir Woods afterwards, dinner, and then the airport. Since our flight isn't until 10:20pm, I'm hoping to have time for a decent dinner somewhere.

I'm wondering if there are any good places near Muir Woods that would still allow us time to catch our plane? Or should we find a place back in San Francisco? Or is this all overly ambitious and we should just resign ourselves to airport Sbarro's? I'm not clear on how long the drive will take with traffic and everything, so any advice is appreciated.

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  1. I guess that depends how long you're planning on spending at Muir Woods. If you go to Ferry Plaza earlier, there should be plenty of time for dinner before going to the airport, if you leave Muir Woods early enough.

    In addition to north bay or SF, you may also want to consider restaurants in cities near the airport-- Burlingame, Millbrae, etc -- just for the time comfort of knowing that you're already near the airport.

    Any more specifics about what you would consider a "decent dinner"? Any favorite cuisines, or desired price ranges?

    1. I think you'll have plenty of time -- it gets dark early these days, and especially in Muir Woods, so I imagine you'll be leaving there before 5 p.m. Saturday night traffic going into the City can be unpredictable, so I'd recommend leaving Muir Woods and having dinner in SF after you've crossed the bridge and assessed the time and traffic situation. If you take the western route through the City (, you'll be passing through the Richmond and Sunset districts, where there are lots of nice places to eat. Or, you can go all the way to the area around the airport and have dinner at one of the Hong Kong-style restaurants in Millbrae or a place in San Bruno or South San Francisco. I assume you have a rental car you'll be dropping off, so the location of the drop off might be another factor -- I think most of them are in San Bruno.

      1. Near Muir Woods, I'd recommend Thep Lela, a Thai restaurant in the Strawberry shopping center off 101 by Mill Valley.

        But personally I'd be more relaxed further south. The bridge can be slow headed into the city on a Saturday.

        You could eat anywhere off highway 1 (19th Avenue) before it turns into 280 south. Or as noted, eat in Millbrae.

        1. I would suggest the Buckeye Roadhouse. It is comfortable, the food is good, and very convenient to Muir Wood. In fact, it is on an on ramp to 101 so you pass it on the way to the airport.

          1. I think there are some good questions. What are going to do in Muir woods, driving only, hiking 3 + miles, visiting sites? How long do you think you will want to stay?
            What type of dinner would you like, as shortexact asked..

            You could easly spend the morning anywhere from 9-11 AM at the Ferry Plaza, then drive over to Muir Woods and spend the rest of the day, head back into the city by 5:30 and get dinner almost anywhere and be just fine to make your flight.

            I would suggest having a early dinner in the city, many more options than what is available near Muir Woods.