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Jan 7, 2008 11:12 AM

Mr. V's La mirada

Drove by yesterday. Curious if any one had tried it.

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  1. Is this related to the Mr. V's that's opening on Hollywood Boulevard in the old Frederick's of Hollywood building? It's got a chinoiserie design, with French doors, red silk lamps, phoenix door pulls, and the like - that's what I've seen through the grating out in front.

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      I don't think they are related

      1. re: Renault78law

        corner of valley view and rosecrans in la mirada

      2. My wife and I dined at Mr. V's in La Mirada a couple of weeks ago. China Cottage used to be at that location (it had very good Chinese food). My wife had prime rib and I had a dry aged New York steak. Both were extremely good and cooked to the requested temperature. I think the price was moderate for the quality of the food which again was very good. Both of us had cocktails and they too were excellent. The only complaint I have, and one that has kept us from going back, is the mandatory valet parking. I found a web-site for Mr. V's in La Mirada and sent them an e-mail, both a congratulations on their food and a condemnation of their parking. I asked them if there was any alternate parking. The night we dined at their restaurant we tried to park at the strip-mall next to their location but were run off by a person hired to make sure that no one from Mr. V's parked in their area... even though the stores were closed by the time we arrived! I never got a reply from my e-mail and now can not find the web-site. Still, I would highly recommend the food. It is very rare to find a restaurant in La Mirada with this quality.

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          We went to Mr. V's yesterday for Administrative Assistants Day. Our server was James.
          Started out slow on the drinks, downhill from there. He took our order, and literally 2 minutes later, 3 out of the 4 dinners were served?? We had ordered one appetizer, this was not served. James reappeared, admitted there was an error, but no compensation was offered....nothing. He just kept apoligizing. The 5th person in our group arrived late, she ordered her dinner. It was then that her dinner was served BEFORE the 4th dinner AND the appetizer was served!!
          Appetizer was the crab cakes. Don't bother. For $12.95, we got 3 very soggy, lame excuses that were not even close to actual crab cakes.
          I had the shrimp scampi (endorsed by our server) and the pasta was very tasteless and dry. Everyone's meal was not that great, none of us will ever return to Mr. V's!!
          James seemed over worked and was not having a good day. Perhaps another profession??
          We were very excited to visit this newly remodeled restaurant, as it is very close to our office. I can say that the decor is very nice and the remodel is very sharp looking. But sadly, in the food arena, it was a waste of time and a lot of money!!

        2. I work near it and have been for lunch a few times. A great burger for under $10 (a little pricey for this area, but much better than most of the food in this area). Its closest competition is probably Bruce's and I'd have to say I like it better. They but a LOT of $ into the remodel--if you went there when it was China Cottage, you will be blown away with what they did with it, and excellent service. Try it--you'll like it!

          1. Just came from Mr. V's Bar & Grill and we really like it. We had an appetizer called Aromatic Shrimp, there were atleast 25 shrimp there and we honestly were full after eating it. They were cooked just right and had a very good flavor. For the dinner, we both ordered the Chilean Sea Bass, it was excellent. Flaky, and generous portions. We will would recommend it to anybody.
            P.S. we parked the car ourselves, there is a valet there, but he didn't insist that he park the car for us. There are signs that say no restaurant parking, so we just didn't park there.