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Apr 27, 2001 09:25 PM

border grill in santa monica

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this place is loud, loud, loud. but if you can deal with the noise, they've got some great food. my favorite is their cabrilla bass with mushrooms & roasted potatoes in an intensely strong (and good) sauce. excellent. i also really like their homemade tortillas & steak. i know opinions vary widely with this place, probably because of the noise level. wish they could do something about that. oh well.

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  1. I know. I was taken there on a first date a few years ago. BAD place for a first date, great food.

    Their downtown location called Ciudad has the same noise problem, but excellent cuisine. More latin than mexican. Worth a try too.

    1. Not only does the Border Grill offer a fine lunch, there is a post-lunch-ante-dinner menu largely made up of soft-tortilla tacos, but with delicious salads (I can vouch for the greens with caramelized plantains and poblanos and the watercress with orange and jicama) and one of the best drink menus in the world. I shared a glass of one of the premium rums for dessert and it was magnificent. I think that this short menu is offered from three to five.