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Best Nachos in Dallas?

I am curious where everyone thinks the best nachos are in Dallas.

My favorites are Taco Diner, Mi Cocina, and Mario and Alberto's.

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  1. My personal faves are Taco Diner's, but I must confess I don't actually order nachos often. . .

    1. I would have to go for the chorizo at Mercando Juarez

      1. The crazy Nacho's at Herrera's are the best ever.

        1. I have to agree with Taco Diner.

          1. If my parents hadn't passed terrible, weight-gaining genes to me, I would eat nachos every day. As it is, I hardly ever eat them, but I caved in a few days ago at Fish City Grill and ordered the Oyster Nachos.

            They were AWESOME.

            1. I can't say which are the best as I rarely eat Tex-Mex in Dallas. But the Chicken Nachos at Snookie's on Oak Lawn, while not quite as good as they used to be, are quite good.

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                I can't believe you didn't say Lola Mike -- that seems to be your pat answer for every Dallas question posed on this board.

                As for the question posed, I would agree that Taco Diner's are pretty good.

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                  I'm sure if Lola served nachos, they'd do a good job. But it's hard to figure nachos as a wine friendly food. Gruener Veltliner perhaps?

              2. Gloria's - beef fajita nachos with black beans - very good.

                1. The shredded garlic beef nachos in Frisco, TX at Yucatan Taco Stand are the absolute best ever. Stacked a mile high with perfect toppings, all you do is add spicy bbq sauce from your table. Arrive hungry. I have yet to finish an order without the help of a friend.