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Jan 7, 2008 08:42 AM

Finishing My London Plans

So I am a planner by nature. I have read every message about London on this site to the point that I am confusing and second guessing myself. After changing, rechanging, and changing again my plans, this is what I have planned:

Sat: Lunch at Yauatcha. Supper at Fryer's Delight
Sun: Lunch at Tayyabs. Supper is open
Mon: Lunch at Haozhan. Pre-theatre supper at J Sheekey
Tues: Lunch at Wagamama's (I know, I know, but the wife wants to go!). Supper at Moti Mahal
Wed: Lunch at Maroush. Supper is open
Thurs: Lunch at Anchor and Hope. Supper is open

I need three supper suggestions that are along the lines (price wise) of the other places I have mentioned. We are staying near Holborn tube but will travel for good food. Help me finish my plans please before I drive myself nuts! Thanks to everyone for all the previous help.

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  1. What about Great Queen? Very close to your hotel on Great Queen Street. I am something of a minority in supporting Imli on Wardour Street, not too far either. Same folks that run Tamarind, but their version of Indian "tapas" (or do I mean "Indian" tapas?) Howler, when and if he chimes in, would recommend Beiteddine or Ishbilia, in addition to Maroush (speaking of which, be sure you go to the right one!) Personally I've greatly enjoyed The Providores in Marylebone, but it hasn't gotten much hype on these channels. Cheers, BB

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      Imli sounds good to me. What are some of the things you like on the menu?

      We are planning on doing Maroush2 at Beauchamp Place. Is that the "right" one? Morning is at the Natural History museum if that is helpful and Maroush was the lunch plans.

      Was thinking of adding Mohsen to my list as we have no Persian restaurants where I'm from. I also thought Abeno sounded good and is close to the hotel.

      Can someone debate Masters Super Fish and Fryer's Delight for my best taste of real fish and chips?

      1. re: JonH

        Jon - it is a good list but I wonder if it lacks balance? Lots of good Asian food, a couple of "classic" fish restaurants but few "modern British". How about St John, Hereford Road, Hibiscus (OK French influenced), and as BB says Great Queen Street.

    2. I'll pipe in, too... with my 'American' perspective as I've only lived here a relatively short time in the grand scheme of life. You should probably balance things, with another British choice along with Anchor and Hope. I enjoyed Great Queen St., too, because it gives a good feel for what modern British cooking is about. It's not fussy and I liked the atmosphere for lunch (have never had dinner there). If you get pressed for time, remember that many of the museums have pretty good cafes, although the expensive one at the British Museum is not worth the extra pence.

      1. How about this as a revised plan:

        Sat: Lunch at Yauatcha. Supper at Fryer's Delight
        Sun: Lunch at Tayyabs. Supper at Mohsen
        Mon: Lunch at Haozhan. Pre-theatre supper at J Sheekey
        Tues: Lunch at Wagamama's (I know, I know, but the wife wants to go!). Supper at Moti Mahal
        Wed: Lunch at Maroush. Supper at Great Queen Street
        Thurs: Lunch at Anchor and Hope. Supper at Abeno.

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        1. re: JonH

          Sounds like you will eat very well that week - though I would eat quite lightly at times (depending on time/venue/etc) to avoid gourmet overload!

          I would love to hear your thoughts on Moti Mahal when you're back, as I was there last week and thought it was wonderful. If you haven't already booked, you may want to think about asking to be seated upstairs or downstairs. Upstairs has some great tables for two with views of the street and also a view of the kitchen itself; while downstairs is windowless, quite warm, with a bar, but has some cosy booths. (Obviously you might not care where you sit, but I thought I'd mention it!).

          You will certainly enjoy the complimentary amuse bouche and petit fours, which I thought were a nice touch. We were treated to spicy pea and mint soup, topped with a mini paratha and tomato, onion and coriander salsa. Delicious!

          1. re: DollyDagger

            At Imli, I would try the coriander vadi. This falls into the class of what the Gujaratis call farsan - salty, crunchy foods which are served with the thali - and that are sadly underrepresented abroad or for that matter outside the region. I also like their eggplant.

            At Moti Mahal I had a pretty positive experience. Though not life changing or heart stopping, I would certainly rate them above average.



            1. re: bombaybeauty

              My thruppence worth

              Fryer's Delight is not what it used to be. In my own subjective order the best available F&C in London would be Masters Superfish ( Waterloo) Golden Hind ( although I have not been since it changed hands) and Seafresh in Victoria.

              You might find Moshen and Tayyab on the same day a bit too much of a meat fest so perhaps shoould split those up. Both worth doing though

              Abeno never strikes me as a supper place because, if I have their okonomiyaki later on in the day I have to mainline Zantac 100. I like it in the daytime and you can walk off lunch by pottering around the museum.


        2. Momo is fun. Middle Eastern but slightly on the expensive side.

          1. I would definitely add in another Modern British - St. John would be my top choice, but Great Queen Street is a great idea as well. Arbutus (never been there, but supposed to be great) or Magdalen (lovely) would fit that bill as well.

            If you don't want to do Fryer's Delight, you're quite close to Rock and Sole Plaice on Endell Street - 5 minute walk from Holborn Tube and highly HIGHLY recommended.

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            1. re: KaCHing

              I don't believe Magdalen is open on the weekends. Maybe only for dinner on Saturdays? Definitely call ahead. I like both Arbutus and Magdalen. Magdalen has a bit more atmosphere, but Arbutus is more centrally located. And you can't go wrong wtih St. John.