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Jan 7, 2008 08:38 AM

Casual & Quiet - Dessert and Drinks in the District

I'm looking for some place comfy, casual, and quiet to take my wife and a few people for dessert and drinks on her birthday. We're doing Komi the night before, so we don't need anything terribly fancy. Just ok desserts and decently priced alcohol. Could either be a bar somewhere - or the bar of a restaurant.

I was thinking somewhere along the lines of C. Park, Woodley, Dupont.

Thoughts I've had -
Brickskeller - Except they have no dessert and they never seem to have the beer I want.
Open City - Not terribly comfortable, but could fit the bill for dessert and drinks. I've only been there for brunch.

Neither of these really excites me though. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Bardeo would work. Circa at Dupont has some yummy-looking sweets options and decent cocktails. I like the little bar at Sette Osteria - but if you have a group it might not work. The bar area at Tabard would be very nice, especially if it's a cold night.

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    1. re: dcandohio

      I've walked by Circa before and glanced at the menu. That could be an intriguing place.

      The Tabard Inn sounds good - though I'm worried it could be a little too upscale. Would jeans and sweaters fit in there?

      1. re: TonyH

        I think jeans and sweaters are fine at Tabard Inn. Especially if you are hanging out near the bar or the lounge (with fireplace!!!) area.

    2. I immediately thought of the Tabard Inn too. Comfy, casual, quiet, drinks are reasonalbe and the desserts are very good.

      1. I think Tabard Inn is a great idea.

        I also really like the bar area at Hudson and the 2 desserts I've had there were really good. The mojitos are good and they have a fun drink list.

        I use to enjoy the desserts at Cashion's in Adams Morgan a lot but haven't been in awhile so I'm not sure if they have changed with the new owner. The bar area there is very homey.

        Finally there is always Kramerbooks and Afterwords. While the food is only so-so, they do have delicious pies, cakes, cheesecakes, and a full bar.

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        1. re: Elyssa

          I would second Cashions. They have some really good savory desserts and an excellent wine list.

          I'm hesitent, but kind of want to say maybe try Tryst. 18th street can be an absolute zoo on weekend nights, but when I think comfortable, drinks (full bar), maybe a pastry, Tryst really sounds like it fits the bill.

          1. re: gatorfoodie

            I use to hang out at Tryst all the time when I lived in Adams Morgan, but a weekend night was not the time to go. It's close to impossible to find a seat at a table or on one of the couches for 1 person, let alone a group. Also, they often times have music playing, so things can get a little loud.

            If you are planning on going during a week day though, this is a decent choice.

        2. Also, I would recommend the bar at Bistro Bis. Nice jeans a a blouse would be fine. I've gone there for after-dinner dessert/drinks several times and have never been dissapointed.