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Jan 7, 2008 08:36 AM

clambakes in ri

i'm thinking of holding a clambake (possibly at the narragansett north beach clubhouse) for my rehearsal dinner next september. can anyone recommend a clambake company to cater it?

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  1. This one is close by to Narragansett and they do off-site catering (Clam bakes)

    1. I can also recommend McGrath Clambakes in Newport. Really experienced and tops.

      1. went to a newport wedding catered by B&M clambakes in pawtucket - good food & everyone was happy -

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        1. Main Street Fish Market in Wakefield
          (401) 782-2366

          1. Compton Clambakes is also really good. They have a lot of add-on options that are fun. My favorite is the cheese display from the Milk & Honey Bazaar in Tiverton. And the seafood is great.