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Jan 7, 2008 08:22 AM

Lexington and 24th recommendations


I am coming to NYC tomorrow for a few days- will be in the Lexington and 24th St. area and looking for interesting restaurant recommendations (no restrictions except obviously restaurants that require bookings week in advance).

Any non-restaurant food recommendations in that area are also welcome.

Captain F

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  1. Not sure what you mean by interesting but if you just want a great meal at a great restaurant look into Eleven Madison Park (oft referred to as EMP on this board and elsewhere).

    1. EMP is amazing if cost is no option. A Voce is excellent Italian in the neighborhood. Penelope is good for casual walk-in.

      1. Lots of Indian restaurants in that area. I like Saravanaas (26 + Lex) but haven't been to a bad one around there yet. Also check out Kalustyans for spices, groceries, and the lunch counter upstairs.

        1. Resto on 29th and Park, and travel up to Madras Mahal or Saravannas in Curry Hill (Lex and 28th.)

          1. For French food, you should try La Petite Auberge on Lexington & E. 28 St. For sushi, you should try Sushi Sen-nin on E. 33 between Park & Madison Ave.