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Jan 7, 2008 08:03 AM

Carrying booze after Caribbean cruise?

Not sure if this is the right board to post. We will be traveling to the Caribbean for a cruise in March and flying in/out of FLL. Would like to bring back some duty free booze from the islands as it is much cheaper than here in Ohio (state regulated). However, with all the airline restrictions, what options do we have for carrying through security? Thanks!

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  1. A clerk at the duty-free will take care of it for you. You leave it in the shop along with your flight info, and you receive it once you're boarding. This has been my recent experience.

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      That is true if one buys the liquor at the duty free store at the airport. The poster will have already purchased it in the islands, and will have to pack it in checked luggage. You are tecnically allowed 2 bottles of spirits per person, and no limits on wine, without a customs duty. I have brought back and declared 4 bottles numerous times, without problems. Bring a few plastic bags in the event you get minor leakage through the seals as the plane changes pressure. It's a cumbersome way to save a few bucks on something you can buy at home. Try to find a few that are not available in Ohio.

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          I heard that the trick is to leave the bottles sealed with the manufacturer's seal and unopened. Open containers that have been resealed have to be tossed.

      1. We do this often on trips down there - but veggo is right - only buy what you can't find "back home." I usually pack a roll of bubble wrap and a box of the big-big ziplock bags. (Also work well for avoiding sunscreen-explosion fallout). When we buy at duty free, we roll in bubble wrap, put in the ziploc and put in the middle of the suitcase. if it shatters, you're most likely protected (with red wine once I also wrapped a towel around it in case it broke and leaked).

        Never had a problem.

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          Honestly, my first reaction when I read this thread was to ask "Why?"

          I used to do it too. When I saw broken bottles of wine and rum punch ruin both the contents and the suitcase when a friend thought she had packed them securely, I stopped.

          There really is a gorilla working in the baggage handling area, and your suitcase may be stacked under a couple of hundred pounds of other suitcases at some point in the process. If you don't believe it, note that cheap luggage can even experience bent frames, so it is really a rough environment.

          I wouldn't bother. Saving a few dollars on something you can buy at home, but must pay a bit more for, is not worth the hassle of the cost of cleaning clothes or tossing your suitcase, nor is it worth the extra carry on weight. If you must, buy only something special, keep it sealed, and ask if you can carry it on. If you can't, wrap it well and hope for the best. Never check a bubbly wine in any circumstances -- it is likely to pop its cork.