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Jan 7, 2008 08:00 AM

(MSP) Places to Watch the Game

A good friend and I have a problem. It seems to be a never ending problem. We are looking for a place to watch "the game." The game being any major sporting event that comes up.

Most of the places near us are either totally shady/sketchy (Champions), not game centric (Bryant Lake Bowl), way too busy and packed (Brits) or annoying (most things in Uptown.) We are looking for a place where we can sit at the bar or a table, order a couple beers, and watch (and maybe even hear) the game in South Minneapolis.

A second criteria, which puts a big twist on the thing, is that it must be on a major busline by our houses. Particularly the 18 or 21 (though the 11 and 4 are doable.) This means, for the bus impaired, Nicollet or Lake primarily.

Thoughts? Does this place even exist?

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  1. i think that most mid-range, non shady/sketchy, non annoying, regular ol' bars with big screen t.v.s were effectively and recently wiped out in the economy/smoking ban/35w trifecta. a couple of non-ideal possibilities, i believe bussable: mortimer's on lyndale & frankin (and it might be too "sketchy" or "annoying", i don't know), memory lanes on 26th and 26th. yup, the bowling alley. it's very spiffed up inside and actually doesn't have the world's worst bar menu. lots of the former regulars hung out there, at least until recently. good luck finding your "cheers" in msp, it's getting difficult.

    1. There's a big screen behind the bar at Amazing Thailand on Hennepin just south of Lake. When we're there - early evening - the bar if pretty much empty. You may want to check out the scene before then to confirm that it's not too crazy.

      1. Perhaps take the 21 to the 5 and try Adrian's at 48th & Chicago? Good burgers, nice neighborhood feel, pretty sure it has TVs.

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          I forget about Adrian's. It is a long trip, but it is a nice place.

        2. Not sure about the bus route, but there are 4 really good seats right @ the head of the bar @ MASA. If you don't get one of those seats, though, you're SOL.

          1. Busters (42nd st and 28th Ave) I think the 46, 14 and 22 pass that corner. Huge tap list (20-ish great choices) and food that is better than Adrian's. Has at least three TV's and will switch to whatever you need.

            Buster's on 28th
            4204 28th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406